My First Solo Road Bike Ride 37 miles – Wrist pain cycling

Epic fail! Following cycle route on google maps isn’t always the wisest with a road bike not designed for uneven terrain. You’ll end up stopping and recalculating routes multiple times. On the plus you’re likely to discover beautiful scenery you otherwise wouldn’t and if the weathers good like it was for me, you’ll enjoyed the glorious May sunshine.

Lesson one – Plan a safe route appropriate for your tyres

As I rattled down the bumpy tow-path I was soon aware of wrist pain and the impending wrist problems which could occur.

The wrist is a delicate area. When not in its strongest position – ‘neutral,’ a lot of pressure can be places on the nerves, vessels and muscles passing through it. This can lead to tingling, numbness, weakness in grip and wrist pain cycling. Wrist position is important when cycling and also ensure you have increased the shock absorption from rougher terrain.

Lesson two:-

  • Good bar tape

  • Gel gloves

  • Get a proper bike fit – Bike handle bar position and angle, set height and position…..and so much more

  • Avoid off roading on a road bike!

Carpel Tunnel syndrome

The ‘Carpal tunnel’ is the area of the wrist all structures needed for the hand to function properly pass through. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is one common nerve entrapment syndrome causing wrist pain.

Here’s a little on what it is and what symptoms it can cause:-

There are two ways the median nerve may be entrapped. Pressure may be exerted on the nerve due to reduced capacity of the tunnel, as with swelling or a lesion of the surrounding tissues or there may be an increase in volume of the contents of the tunnel, such as a thickening of a tendon. It usually occurs in people whose occupation involves substantial use of their hands or, in our case perhaps, lots of regular cycling!

Typically patients complain of:-

  • Abnormal sensations such as:-

    • Tingling
    • Burning
    • Numbness
  • Hand / wrist weakness

  • Hand pain and numbness at night – caused by flexed wrist position sleeping

  • Flexing and extending the wrist can trigger the pain

  • They may try to shake the hand out to relieve symptoms

Are you struggling with forearm tingling / numbness or wrist pain cycling?

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