Top tips from our Cranbrook Chiropractor

Regular exercise is important and helps improve:-

  • Physical fitness

  • Brain function

  • Cardiovasular health

  • Mood

  • Quality of life

To sustain regular ‘workout sessions’ it is important to find something you enjoy:-

  • Group/ Team sports

  • Taking a leisurely walk

  • A structured gym session

All of these activities improve physical fitness, ability to function and quality of life, but only if done regularly and correctly.

It’s recommend you consult an experienced trainer who specialises in your chosen exercise to teach you the correct posture to minimise the chance of injury. This is an art in itself and some trainers are more experienced at observing this than others. For instance drilling the correct squat technique can help you to strengthen your back, whereas poor technique could lead to a nasty injury such as a ‘slipped disc’. Don’t forget picking up and putting down the weights correctly is just as important in injury prevention.

Free Weights

The benefits to using free weights is hugely underestimated, it can provide a much more productive and functional workout than any machine. Machines are restrictive as they only work in one plane creating an unrealistic representation of how we should move and load our bodies. Please read the Cranbrook chiropractors article The Importance of Physical Strength for more information. Ladies I know what you are thinking ‘I don’t want to look like a man’, but lifting weights doesn’t have to mean this.

People are often unaware how important good form is and how beneficial it is to invest time in drilling those movements before progressing to heavier weights. Increasing the weight too quickly often results in injury and means the correct muscles aren’t activated so you never achieve the results you are looking for. Instead you stress areas that aren’t designed to withstand those movements (such as spinal discs, joints and nerves), resulting in pain and injury.

Don’t be disheartened by reading this just be careful and sensible with your body. Have a read of my article here to see how important weights are for all of us (that includes you ladies).

Once you have established good technique, slowly build up the intensity of exercise. This is especially important when you have not been exercising regularly, take up a new sport or following injury.

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