What’s the difference between a Chiropractor, Osteopath and Physiotherapy?

What is the difference between a Chiropractor, Osteopath and Physiotherapist? Probably the most commonly asked question, by potential patients. If you haven’t experienced any of the professions before, it really is mind boggling to know who you need.

Jane next door say’s: ‘My Chiropractor’s amazing’.

Yet your mum will say ‘oh no you must see my Physiotherapist’.

So should you see a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist?

At this stage you either take a leap of faith and book, or decide to take no action and remain thoroughly confused and in pain.

Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapist should all have the same aims and objectives, to help you with your recovery. As a Chiropractor I can honestly say I have received treatment from all three professionals and benefited from every treatment received.

Top tips to picking your Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist:

  • Recommendation – When it comes to healthcare most people want to make sure they are putting themselves in safe, honest hands. Looking through reviews or asking friends you know have had success is a good place to start.

  • Website – Most will tell you a bit about their expertise and experience, so why not read and see if they appeal to you. There may even be a picture of them which can often make many people feel more at ease knowing who they will be meeting.

  • Expertise – The 3 professions can branch into many areas such as sports, postural injury, paediatrics and elderly care. If you have multiple choices of practitioner this may help you make your selection.

  • Treatment choice – There’s not one way to treat a patient. The first variable is the practitioners hands which are impossible to replicate from person to person. Then the technique can vary and appear very different to the untrained eye.

  • Book – Once you’ve made all the informed decisions possible it’s time to book. If you’ve not had success in the past don’t be put off every injury is difference and it may just mean the treatment plan wasn’t quite right for your body. It’s important you discuss your progress with your practitioner so they know you are making the appropriate progress. It may be necessary to try a difference treatment, or recommend another healthcare professional to ensure you get the most appropriate treatment to suit your needs.

Best of luck with your Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist we hope you make a speedy recovery.

Today’s question – ‘What’s the difference between a Chiropractor, Osteopath and Physiotherapist?’

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