The Online Chiropractor – Pain relief at a distance

Covid-19 pandemic escalated fast, bringing physical Chiropractic clinics to a halt. With so many people working from home in poor working conditions, we knew adapting our services was vital to help new and existing patients. In addition to our Online service we are offering free 15minute chats regarding any aches or pains you may have.

‘Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.’

William Pollard

  • New patients – Initial Chiropractic consultation via Video Link

    Book online or call 0203 633 0565

Include’s advise on:

  • Pain relief
  • Management strategies
  • Guidance on what you can and can’t do
  • Adjustments to your daily life to promote accelerated healing

What happens during an Online Initial Chiropractic Consultation?

During a face to face video consultation with one of our highly trained Chiropractors. You will be asked to:

  • Outline your complaint

Then your online Chiropractor will

  1. Asked you specific questions to extract any further information they require
  2. Guide you through some specific tests to confirm their diagnosis
  3. Explain their findings
  4. Guide you on effective pain relief
  5. Provide advice on addressing the cause of your complaint (so it doesn’t keep coming back)
  6. Give you specific home stretches and exercises (A link to your personalised exercise programme will be provided accessed via a free app)

Your Chiropractor will book you in for a follow up appointment, to assess your progress and update your recovery program to suit your needs.

  • Existing patient support – Online follow up Chiropractic session via Video link

    Book online or call 0203 633 0565


    • Appointment via Zoom video link
    • Tailored home exercise video streamed through a free app
    • Email support – Specific questions directly to Karen (

What happens during a follow up Chiropractic appointment?

  • Progress review
  • Adjustment to exercise program and progression where necessary
  • Lifestyle advice to remove any triggering factors and optimise recovery (eg workstation adjustments and advice on adjusting daily activities)

If you are in need of pain relief please book online, call (0203 633 0565) or email ( our Chiropractors to benefit from their extensive knowledge and skills.