Adjust your desk – Top desk setup tips while working from home

It’s been 2 weeks or more since you all started working from home. You have probably noticing a few niggles. If you haven’t considered these top desk setup tips while working from home we suggest you do so ASAP. On the right you will see a short video to help you. Time to get creative with the items you have at home to prevent pain and injury.

If your desk isn’t height adjustable you will have to adjust the position of everything else (your laptop, keyboard, chair etc) without compromising on comfort. 

There are many things to consider: 

  • Raise your seat or sit on some cushions to elevate yourself, until elbows are at 90 degrees at your side while touching the keyboard.

  • Use a cushion behind you if the seat is too deep and your back feels unsupported. You should be able to place your fist between the edge of the chair and back of your leg.

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  • If raising your chair has led to your feet no longer sitting flat on the floor, use a footstool, or improvise with a box to support them. Be careful though knees should not end up higher than your hips.

    This reduces pressure on the lower back

  • Laptops should be raised so the top of the screen is level with your eyes (but you must then use an additional keyboard and mouse).

  • Use an additional keyboard and mouse to prevent strain on your wrists, arms and shoulders.

    If you don’t have an additional keyboard and mouse and are typing and using your mouse, do not elevate the laptop. If you are just reading, I would recommend elevating the laptop to eye level.

  • Do not overreach while using your keyboard and mouse – Your elbows should remain at your side. 

  • While taking calls, use a headset. This prevents you holding your neck in poor positions, which could lead to neck pain and injury 

  • Set an alarm to move regularly – ideally every 30 minutes. You could: 

    • Stand up and walk on the spot 
    • Do some gentle shoulder rolls and neck stretches 
    • Do some Pilates or yoga type exercises 
    • Walk to the bathroom or to get a drink 

For more top desk setup tips while working from home or one-to-one help contact us via 0203 633 0565, email or book an appointment online. If your discomfort has escalated we recommend you seek help sooner rather than later as generally the quicker issues are addressed the quicker they respond.