Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a very common problem with the knee joint. Symptoms usually appear in middle to later life. It is more common in women, the obese and those with knee deformities or previous trauma, especially meniscal tears. The knee joint often becomes more painful and stiff with time. Activities such as prolonged walking, standing or squatting often aggravate the pain.

KH Chiropractic clinic is based between Liverpool Street and Aldgate (EC3A 7DB). On arrival you will receive a patient health form to complete. It is important you complete this form in full as some existing complaints may require different treatment techniques. On completion of this the chiropractor will take a full history before proceeding with the examination. Your chiropractor will explain what has been found, how they intend to treat it and the most suitable treatment plan for your knee condition.

We frequently help people suffering with knee arthritis (osteoarthritis) to manage their condition, with the aim of alleviating some pain and increasing mobility with the overall aim of improving quality of life.

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