Why do we feel pain?  

Pain can be obvious like a broken arm or cut, and others not so, such as a slipped disc. Pain is your body telling you something’s not right. It stops you doing certain movements in an attempt to prevent further damage. Small amounts of pain are usually easily treated, however more intense pain can be a sign of something more serious.

Pain signals are relayed to the brain via nerves and the spinal cord (the nervous system). The nervous system processes the pain signals like a powerful computer. However, sometimes this system goes wrong and the messages get confused, so the brain cannot understand the signals properly. This can lead to chronic or persistent pain, often difficult to repair. Part of the processing is linked to the emotional centres in the brain, therefore pain intensity can be influenced by how we feel. If we are feeling down and depressed our pain will be perceived worse. If we are happy and positive pain can seem reduced.

Our Chiropractors treat a lot of neck, back and joint pain of varying severity helping patient reach a pain free state. However, it’s important patients continue making positive improvements to their lifestyle and overall function to prevent relapse. Rehabilitation is an important factor in recovery, including mobilisation and strengthening exercises, to improve mobility and muscular strength in the area.

In addition to Chiropractic treatment our Chiropractor also give lifestyle advice and exercises to suit your stage of recovery. Gradually the inflammation in the injured area will decrease, mobility improves and more challenging exercises can be prescribed. As this happens treatment continues but at a lower frequency. 

It’s important to establish the cause and or contributing factors to your complaint, and where possible eliminate or reduce, otherwise your injury is at risk of returning.


As you’d expect more minor injuries respond the quickest. More severe back pain including some nerve compression and/or damage usually takes longer. The aim of Chiropractic treatment is to improve your bodies function, removing the cause so your body can progress with healing itself.

Every day our Aldgate Chiropractors help people experiencing varying levels of pain. Some people even chose to attend as they find it helpful at managing their complaints or lifestyle choices and feel the benefits of 4-6 weekly sessions. If you’d like to address your discomfort why not book an inital consultation with Karen or Charlotte.