Our Chiropractor’s transition from commuter cyclist to Prudential 100

Chiropractor Karen Habershon provides chiropractic treatment in East Devon (Cranbrook and Rockbeare). She wrote this blog while living in London where she ran her own practice for over 10years before relocating to Rockbeare, Devon. So here we go:

Karen ran her own Chiropractic practice in London for over 10years!! She always said she was a country girl, with a two-year predicted max stay!…………………. What’s happened?

Well there’s one thing she has embraced from day one of living in London and that’s commuting on a bike 5-6 days a week anywhere from 4-12.5miles each way. Cycling can be a great way to see the sights and discover some London gems!

  • She’s had one bike stuck to the railings in Notting Hill – The fire brigade cut it free!

  • The loss of the above good D-lock resulted in that bike getting stolen under a CCTV system outside Westfields!

  • One dooring – ‘Ouch’

  • One fall at traffic lights with cleats (cycling shoes which cyclist to the pedals) – highly embarrassing and for now the cleats have gone for commuting

I know, I know so many of you are cringing… but it’s not so bad. There are many pros and cons to commute cycling, but for now Karen’s hooked!


  • Save a fortune on gym fees (gym fees range from £25-125+ so even at £25 that’s £300-1,500)

  • Save a fortune on tube fees (In fact I was saving over £1000-2000/year by peddling)

  • Don’t have to battle on the over congested tubes in rush hour

  • Often quicker and more reliable (Once I invested in puncture resistant tyres).


  • Some vehicle drivers – There are hundreds of vehicles on the roads and the majority are fine, but it only takes one human error or erratic driver to lower the tone for all, or even see your or someone else’s life almost flash before you!

  • Some cyclists – Dangerous manoeuvres, jumping red lights….. come on guys – crossing a 6- lane road on red isn’t the wisest move!

  • Pollution – Now this is something that bothers me particularly in hotter months as I notice my breathing is harder and more laboured. My chosen accommodation is always selected to accommodate cycling before anything else, and to be away from a main road to reduce the additional pollution exposed to me. I read an article about the increased risk of dementia of living near a main road, hence my decision to always live on smaller roads as the research had shown each meter made a substantial difference.

Anyway, as we now know, cycling’s been a big part of Karen’s London life, so she’s decided after watching all the Prudential riders flying past last year to enter the 2018 ballot! Boom February 2018 came, and amazingly she had received a Ballot place!! Let’s watch the adventures unfold on her Prudential 100 journey.

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