Bike and body maintenance – Chiropractor and Bike Mechanic

Well after a breakdown attempting ‘The three hills of hell’ (named by my cycling buddy) and the bike mechanic telling me I may as well throw my bike in the bin, it was a slight disastrous ride!

The emergency search fro a new bike rapidly began due to fast approaching Prudential 100 in 3 weeks! I managed to pick up this ‘old school’ racy number, ready for our second attempt at the three Surrey hills (Newlands Corner, Leith Hill and Box Hill).

Second time lucky and mission accomplished!

My new rather racy (or as the pro’s refer to it, the ‘more aggressive’ style) road bike. It even made noise, in a good way, not like my old bike! Someone once told me the noisier the bike the better it is!

I did a very simple self adjustment of the seat, so while my leg were at the 6pm position it was not locked straight. Half way through the ride I had a little lower back niggle, particularly noticeable on the climbs and in the last 10miles a little right knee pain and increased left lower back pain!!

I knew something wasn’t right, with the distance and amount I was moving to try to get comfortable I would not only damage my back and knee further, but also impede my performance. So I decided to do something about it!

Lesson 6 – Pain must not be ignored!

Check list:-

  • Get some professional advice from an experienced bike fitter

  • See a good chiropractor to help realign my body

  • See a good Sports Massage Therapist to promote recover

There’s absolutely no point in putting one thing right and not the other. Fix the bike position and personally having malfunctioning joints you will find you are still disadvantaged. Fix the rider and not the bike and boom the problems back! So let’s adjust both!

Lesson 7 – Get some professional advice on your bike setup

Lesson 8 – Maintain your body for ultimate performance

I will be seeing a Chiropractor and Sports Massage Therapist, but there are many great health professionals out there (Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist and Sports Massage therapist to name a few). The important thing is to find someone who works for you.

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