What happens if we sit too long?

It can be very hard to sit well for more than 30 minutes, however many people sit for 8+ hours a day. The human body is designed to move regularly not remain stationary at a desk. Many office workers present to Chiropractors experience pain sitting triggered by inactivity and/or sitting.

Sitting too long encourages an ‘upper-cross-posture’; chest muscles become shortened / tight and the upper back muscles become weak / lax. This imbalance encourages the body into a non-neutral posture making it difficult to function optimally. This can lead to areas malfunctioning and becoming inflamed which can lead to pain sitting.

It’s important we put some time aside to check our posture and desk setup. Getting up regularly and incorporate exercise into your day, to counteract these postures. When exercising pay careful attention to your for (posture), otherwise you may do more harm than good. The majority of London based Chiropractic patients end up sitting too long, which human beings weren’t designed to do, hence why a 1 hour high intensity work out following a 8+ hour day at a desk frequently causes problems.

Many peoples London lifestyle occurs at a fast pace, with high levels of stress, leading to less healthy choices. When people are stressed, other areas of their lives tend to get neglected, eg eating, drinking, exercising and sleeping. There’s never a better time to take responsibility for health. Evaluating stress levels and looking into how to reduce them is a great idea.

Treatment with our Chiropractor or Sports massage therapist can be a positive way to start your journey. Together you can work on a plan of recovery for your musculoskeletal complaints, and make better lifestyle choices to promote a healthy, functioning, musculoskeletal system.

If you would like to see our Chiropractor (Karen), or Sports Massage and Pregnancy Massage therapist Florence at our Aldgate practice, please call KH Chiropractic & Sports Massage on 0203 633 0565, or email info@khchiropractic.com. Our therapist are frequently consulted by office based clients experiencing pain sitting, looking to destress and relax after a long day in the office.