Entertaining Chiropractic Video of Aldgate Chiropractor saving Christmas!

It’s been a tough year for Father Christmas. His back has been niggling for some time now. Like many he’s been ignoring the signs and he’s in trouble days before Christmas! Thank goodness he had time for an appointment at Liverpool Street Chiropractic (KHChiropractic).

Father Christmas decided to book an emergency consultation with Chiropractor Karen Habershon, for lower back and neck pain relief. He was amazed about how great he felt after! He kindly gave us his consent to film this short chiropractic video of his experience. We hope you enjoy watching and give us a ‘like’ to encourage more entertaining videos.

Enjoy this festive fun, we hope it lightens up your day!

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Why would you visit a Chiropractor?

Many people are unaware what Chiropractors do and in fact many believe they only treat the back. At KH Chiropractic we take the whole body approach, with the aim of treating the cause rather than the symptom. The aim is to restore normal function throughout, hence why we evaluate the entire body to rule out any other causing factors, or compensations.

A range of people visit Chiropractors including:-

  • Newborns

  • Babies & Children

  • Athletes

  • Office based patients

  • Manual workers

  • Elderly

Our Chiropractic treatment focuses on mechanical problems originating from joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body. KH Chiropractic frequently people believe we only treat neck pain and back pain. In fact we actually treat many musculoskeletal complaints including hip pain, knee pain, elbows, feet etc. In addition to this Chiropractors also treat some headaches and provide preventative treatment for migraines.

If you are suffering from pain that’s slowing you down this Christmas give us a call on 0203 633 0565. We generally find as you would expect the less time you have had an injury the quicker it will respond. You can also book online at www.khchiropractic.com/booking/