Why Ladies should Lift

Ladies I know what you are thinking I don’t want to look like a man‘ but lifting weights doesn’t have to mean this.

Men and woman have completely different body shapes and gain muscle bulk in different areas. Muscle development will also depend on the choice of targeted muscles, for example some men over train their trapezius muscle and end up with huge big shoulders and necks . Obviously as a woman you are unlikely to have any desire to work on such muscles, therefore you would never develop this undesirable bulk.

Instead a woman would be better focusing on gluts, abs and back stabilising muscles. The key with lifting weights is to engage a multitude of muscles including your abdomen, ‘switching on the core’. As a chiropractor myself I tend to discourage sit-ups and crunches due to the pressure it tends to repetitively put on the lower lumbar joints and discs. Any area you over stress is more likely to wear out and potentially injure. Instead you are far better learning to engage ‘switch on’ your core muscles when lifting to support and protect your more delicate spinal structures.

This is why I love the squat (when done correctly).

Do you need more convincing on why Ladies should Lift?

  • Bones respond positively to weight loading – becoming stronger and therefore reducing the chance of fracture (osteoporosis).

    When women reach the menopause their hormone balance changes increasing the chance of developing osteoporosis (weak bones), another great reason for ladies to lift! This does not mean that men won’t get osteoporosis as they too can suffer due to a lack of loading exercise, however women are more susceptible to suffer at an earlier age.

  • Other causes of premature osteoporosis may include:-

    • Current / History of eating disorder
    • Exposure to certain drugs
    • Specific medical conditions

Lets introduce you to the squat without weights first

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This video should give you an insight into breaking down a squat. It’s a good idea to learn the correct movement pattern before you add any weight.

One-to-one sessions help drill the brain-muscle connection. It’s so easy to lift badly! So many people come in for Chiropractic treatment and Sports Massage following poor weight lifting technique. Pain is a warning damage has been done.

We recommended you find a really good trainer, who understands good safe movement patterns. They will stop you the second your technique fails and believe me it will!

Many people consult Chiropractor Karen Habershon due to her background in sports and Florence Andrew, Sports Massage therapist for her extensive experience working with sports men and women.

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