Are you panicking about your fast approaching holiday, and coping with chronic or acute back pain? 

Here are our 5 top tips to prepare you for traveling with neck pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal problems. 

Key Tip – Plan ahead 

If your holiday is still days away and you are in pain why not consult a Chiropractor before you go. Particularly if you do not know what’s caused your pain and how to manage it. Your Chiropractor should be able to give you some tailored advice on managing your pain and promoting healing. A Chiropractic treatment may also help you function better to relieve some pain and improve your holiday experience. 

  • Accessing accommodation 

    Try to find out as much as you can about your hotel, resort etc, to see how the facilities accommodate people with limited mobility. You don’t want to find out it’s on the 10th floor, with no lift with limited mobility, or you have to carry your luggage a long way from the car. Particularly important if you are travelling alone.

  • Packing 

    When it comes to packing make sure you select comfortable clothes and footwear. You will want items that make you feel comfortable. Be aware and prepare for any changes in temperature such as colder nights, you want to feel relaxed, not tense and uncomfortable. 

    Packing should also include planning for a pain flare up. If you are currently taking medication (painkillers, muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatories) make sure you take some with you even if your pain has eased. It may be harder to explain your needs in another country and medication names can vary. This is particularly important if there is a language barrier.  

    Other useful items to pack may include  

    • Cooling gels or sprays 
    • Heat packs 
    • Ice pack (if you have access to a freezer). If you are staying in a hotel you can always ask for some ice from the bar. Be careful flying with reusable ice packs as the change in pressure can cause some items to burst (I recommend transporting in a sealed bag to prevent leakage in your suitcase).  
    • Instant ice packs can be convenient while traveling. These can be activated on demand and disposed of after.  
  • Sleep, Eat, Hydrate

    We all know a good night’s sleep make most things seem better. Lack of sleep can often exacerbate pain, aim to get a good night’s sleep before and while you are away. When sleeping the body can prioritise healing as the body is less demanding during this time. 

    Eat healthy to promote healing and keep hydrated. All these things will help promote recovery. 

  • Pain relief tips on your trip

    If you are in intense pain or have a flare up while away, you may benefit from mobility assistance at the airport. This is worth looking into and booking a good few days before departure to ensure you get help.

    There can be a lot of walking at airports which could trigger your pain, using a wheelchair or mobility assistance may be beneficial. For those with mild pain walking can be beneficial, especially if you are due to sit for long period of time on a flight, train etc. Consider how far you’ll be walking in the airport and doing it in stages with breaks or requesting mobility assistance buy taking some time to stretch and walk about a little near the departures gate.

If you think a Chiropractic appointment would benefit you before your holiday, why not book today.

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