5 office hacks to add into your office routine  

1. Water 

The body is 80% fluid. Dehydration has a big effect on body function and therefore can have a knock on to other health conditions.

2. Move

Your spine’s designed to move so move it. Tricks like using a printer out of reach from your chair makes you get up regularly. This may sound like a waste of time, but movement gets your blood flowing better, blood carries oxygen to all living cells in your body, which means everything! Good oxygenation has been shown to increase concentration too.

3. Screen position

Ensure it is central and level with your eyes to prevent twisting to one side all day. Imagine training one side of your body in the gym, you’ll end up with one side developed and the other not. This plays havoc with spinal function, which functions best when balanced.

4. Chair

Set it up to your ergonomic needs and leave it there. Do not allow yourself chair to recline. It should be upright to promote a neutral posture. It may look cool, but it won’t be long before you regret that choice when your back and neck start to niggle.

5. Nutrition

Processed sugar + bad fats – Most processed food and drinks such as fast food, biscuits and cakes to name a few, promote inflammation, due to their high sugar and fat content. If your body is injured and trying to heal you want to be feeding it the best nutrition possible. Making better food choices will help enable your body the best recovery possible.

Bad repetitive habits build up, creating repetitive chronic injury and or pain. 

There’s no better time to act than NOW

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