2 simple tips for prevent neck pain and back pain from your Cranbrook Chiropractor

Several studies have shown sitting for long period of uninterrupted time is contributing to back pain. 

Here are 2 simple ways you can prevent back and neck pain: 

  1. Move regularly
  2. Improve your posture

This can be tricky when you have deadlines and lots of work to get through on your computer screen. But there are a few habits you can get into: 

  • <span data-contrast=”auto”>On the phone wear a wireless headset and get up and walk round the room/office</span>

  • Set a timer to remind yourself to change position (even standing up, rolling the shoulders and moving your spine will help).

  • If you are commuting get off the bus, train or leave your car further from work, to increase the number of steps you take each day. Working from home? Take a 20 minute morning/lunchtime/evening walk to get some movement into your body.

  • <span data-contrast=”auto”>Stretch regularly</span>

  • <span data-contrast=”auto”>Manual therapy such as Chiropractic has also been shown to benefit people with mechanical neck and back pain.</span>

Improve your posture

  • Learn how to put your spine into a neutral position to minimise spinal stress.

  • When you catch yourself slumping, draw yourself into a more upright position. Sit back against the back of your chair for extra support.

  • Are your arms parallel to the floor when typing and reaching for your keyboard/mouse

  • Is your head resting on top of your spine, or is it protruding forwards? Imagine a string pulling you upright from the top of your head to help you find a neutral position.

  • Get a professional to assess your desk and make necessary ergonomic improvements. Correcting screen height, reach for the keyboard and mouse, using a good quality office chair which lumbar and neck supports. 

The biggest step you can make is becoming more aware of your posture, so you can take action to correct it. 

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