Power Dressing and High heel footwear challenges

There are some stunning high heeled shoes out there, beautifully designed, but without foot or back health in mind. Many of us can admit we’ve bought a pair of high heels which look amazing and perhaps feel ‘OK’, at best while trying them on. We may even try a few steps in the shop to further confirm, ‘yes they are comfortable’.

But who are we kidding?

We know within a few hours of wearing them we’ll be experiencing some discomfort and need to sit down. Will we even still have them on at the end of the event? How many people do you see barefoot on the dancefloor at the end of a wedding? 

Let’s be honest we are never going to persuade everyone to wear a pair of trainers to a wedding or work event. Believe me I’ve hear many excuses over the 10+ years I’ve been a London Chiropractor, such as: 

  • I need to power dress at work

  • I’m too short I’m never giving up my heels 

  • Other shoes are so ugly 

Some patients can be in absolute agony and still won’t consider wearing more suitable shoes while their back heels.

What can we do to limit back and foot pain if we really won’t stop wearing high heels? 

  • Pick a lower heel (perhaps 1inch rather than 3-4inches)

  • Pick a wider heel (block rather than stiletto) 

  • Select a thicker sole to help absorb more shock

  • Opt for a wider toe box

  • Wear trainers or flat shoes during your commute or walking to events

It’s always worth trying to prevent health related issues rather than know you are doing something less than idea and really struggling later. For instance, bunions can be linked to poor footwear choices and can cause a lot of discomfort. There is also often a family predisposition so if you know someone in your family has had these it may be even more important that you take preventative action. 

Our feet were designed to function parallel to the ground. Tipping them toe down, will completely change the function and stresses exerted upon the 26 bones of your feet. This will have a secondary effect up through the spine as the human body pulls back into the upright posture. We often note a link between lumbar pain and stress and high heels due to a more exaggerated curvature of the lumbar spine.

There are many things we can do to preserve our spinal and bone health. There are a surprising number of easy adjustments to make such as picking better footwear. If we insist on wearing heels limit the time we walk and wear them.

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