Are you walking on egg shells this Easter? – Our Rockbeare Chiropractor is here to help

Many people wait until they are in pain to visit our Rockbeare Chiropractor. We all know prevention is far better than cure but while we experience no warnings such a pain we often neglect our bodies. Let’s just move our attention to how most approach dental care. The majority will have annual check ups. If we wait until we have tooth pain the damage has already been done and therefore the solution usually more invasive, uncomfortable and expensive than if we had taken action earlier. The rest of the body structures are no different.

So why do we wait until we are in unbearable back, neck or joint pain to consult a Chiropractor?

Pain is the last thing to come and the first to go yet so many focus on pain to evaluate the state of their body.

There are two causes of pain:

  1. Sudden trauma such as a fall – we are usually very aware when this happened
  2. Repetitive bad movement patterns – such as poor lifting technique. These injuries have usually been manifesting for some time before we feel physical pain. People suffering from these type of injuries often say ‘but I haven’t done anything differently‘ or ‘usually when I get this pain it resolves in a few days‘.

Restricted joints can compromise the bodies ability to send signals from one area to another. For instance your brain sends signals down the spinal cord to multiple nerve roots. These nerve roots have very specific jobs, corresponding to different muscles, organs and skin areas, instructing them on how to function. It is vital these signals remain undisrupted to ensure optimal body function. It’s a bit like having a hosepipe with a ‘kink’ in it, either the water doesn’t flow as well or is cut off completely! When the water isn’t flowing very well the signals don’t get to and from the brain effectively, this can lead to pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, spasm etc.

As a Chiropractor we are looking to help you achieve optimal function, which allows your body to recover from the injury and rebuild damaged tissue. Prolonged pressure to a nerve root can result in permanent damage if not relieved soon enough.

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