Does my baby cry too much?

It is very common for babies to suffer from excessive crying within the first 2-3 weeks of life, frequently continuing up to 3 months of age or longer. It can affect up to a third of newborn babies. This can create a very distressing experience for mother and baby, not to mention the rest of the household.

So What is Excessive Crying?

There is no single obvious cause of excessive crying, but research suggests triggering factors may include:-

  • Excess Gas

  • Constipation

  • Lactose intolerance

  • Food allergies

  • Structural weakness within the infants stomach/diaphragm area

Treatment choices are limited, however most follow the mainstream route suggested by their GP, usually involves drug therapy or just waiting for their baby to ‘outgrow’ it. As Chiropractors we believe many symptoms may be influenced by nerve irritation, causing disrupted signals along the nerves pathway, somewhere between the brain and digestive organs.

How can babies present who cry excessively?

Typically these babies appear constantly irritable, crying and complaining for more than 3hours a day. They display no particular pattern except that the crying is usually worse during the early evening hours. A baby’s main source of exercise is crying therefore it is deemed acceptable for a newborn to cry 2.5hours a day. The key difference is the presentation of the crying baby, a baby who cries excessively will look uncomfortable, usually arching their upper body backwards and vigorously pulling their legs up to their stomach when lying on their back.

A may you observe if your baby is crying too much:-

  • Does your newborn appear to be in ‘grimacing’ pain?

  • Does he/she appear uncomfortable when feeding

  • Does your newborn have difficulty breastfeeding, perhaps one breast is harder to feed from than the other?

Comparing feeding habits on each breast is a great way to assess your baby’s nervous system. Nerve irritation could be suggested if your newborn is struggling on one side compared to the other. Feeding technique from side to side should also be observed, eg latch and how often your baby comes off the breast.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Karen Habershon and Pregnancy Massage Therapist Florence Andrews frequently work with pregnant women. Many people consult paediatric Chiropractors when they feel their babies are unsettled.

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