Business man to Daddy! – Time to book our recommended Chiropractor near Broadclyst

Have you experienced this transition? One minute balancing your social life and career, then all of a sudden your bundle of joy enters the world…. Everything seems up in the air! 

  • Lack of sleep

  • Lack of time to look after yourself (nutrition, sleep)

  • Reduced time to exercise

Does everything seem to be spiralling out of control, and on top of wanting the best for your child, (always putting them first), your neck and/or back is hurting!

Work LifeHome Life

Where should you start?

  • Ice Pack – An ice pack or packet of frozen peas is a must have, in any household. This is a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory, which can be used if your neck or back suddenly flares up. Always wrap the ice pack or frozen pea pack in a tea towel, to avoid burning your skin.

  • Watch you weight – When our routines are up in the air, it’s common for men and women to gain weight. Try to allow yourselves time to exercise regularly. It’s important to allow yourself and your partner a break.

    There are so many benefits to regular exercise whether it’s a 30 minute walk or an exercise class. Even getting off the tube a stop early is a good start.

  • Get support – Seek a recommended Chiropractor who can physically treat you to help accelerate the healing process, in addition to giving you lifestyle tips.

  • Learn to lift safely – If you address the cause of your pain, you should minimise the chance of recurring pain or injury. Leaning over the cot or to pick your child up off the floor can stress the lower back. Plus your little babies only going to get heavier and more wriggly.

  • Strengthen your back – Long term back pain prevention comes from a strong back. Specific lower back strengthening, gradually building strength through good technique. You can visit our Youtube channel for many exercises we have recommended to you in clinic.

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