6 reasons you should leave the office now – Lunch time walk 

Days are getting shorter and, all too often, we step in and out of the office in darkness. There are so many benefits to taking a lunch time walk. Here are 6 top reasons why you should go today!

  • Boosts brain power 

    You’ve probably reached out for a coffee or sugar boost already today. But did you know that a walk would offer you many more benefits, and prevent you taking on unwanted calories, or caffeine. Studies have found a wide range of benefits to walking:

    • Get’s your creative juices flowing 
    • Puts you in a better mood 
    • You’ll feel more productive and positive about work 

    There have been multiple studies which have all revealed the same message ‘Get away from your desk and take a walk outside’.

  • Walking improves mood and stress relief 

    Let’s release those natural happy drugs (endorphins). Most people notice an improvement in mood following a walk. A study published by the ‘Annals of Behavioural Medicine’ showed that university students who walked and did other easy to moderate exercise regularly had lower stress levels, than those who did no exercise, or who exercised strenuously.

  • Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke

    These are among the top killers of both men and women. Walking 30-60 minutes a day can dramatically reduce your risk.

    According to the Harvard Health Publishing (Harvard Medical School) article ‘Walking: Your steps to health’ walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 31% and cuts the risk of dying by 32%.

How’s that lunch time walk sounding? ….. Need more convincing?

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes

    30 minutes a day of walking can help prevent Type 2 diabetes. It also helps to maintain blood sugar balance for those with diabetes.

    A study by the ‘Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh’ discovered that walking 30 minutes a day cut the risk of diabetes in both overweight and non-overweight men and women.

  • Helps prevent weight gain 

    Dr. James O. Hill from the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center says, ‘To lose weight, add in more steps.’

  • Walkers live longer 

    Walking just two miles a day cuts the risk of death almost in half! In the Honolulu Heart Study of 8,000 men, the risk of death was especially low from cancer. Other studies have had similar findings.

Keep walking – You improve your chances of a longer and healthier life

Prevention is always better than cure, it’s never to late to make a change. Make a regular lunch time walk part of your every day routine.

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