Pelvic pain during Pregnancy – Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain is a condition which causes pain in the joints of the pelvis, and affects about 1 in 5 pregnant women. The main symptoms include:

  • Pain whilst walking

  • Climbing up and down stairs

  • turning over in bed

  • Sit to stand

Pain can occur in most normal daily activities, therefore having a massive impact on your day.

PGP can start gradually during any trimester of pregnancy or during labour, while in others it can start suddenly. Although it is safe to treat this complaint at any stage, during or after the pregnancy. Generally the sooner you treat pelvic pain during pregnancy, the better the results.

PGP is typically mechanical in nature. It occurs when the pelvic joints no longer have normal movement, leading to stiffness of a joint and often irritation of other joints, which lead to the feeling of pain.

This type of biomechanical dysfunction is something that Chiropractors frequently treat, and is safe to treat during pregnancy. Chiropractors use a series of adjustments to get the pelvic joints moving again, along with soft tissue techniques of involved muscles and ligament. Correcting alignment of the pelvis and rebalancing muscles and ligaments can help relieve pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Can I only see a Chiropractor during pregnancy if I have pain?

Absolutely not is the simple answer. Although a lot of pregnant women we treat begin their programme with us due to a specific pregnancy related pain, many continue care through their pregnancy, due to the benefits they experience.

A big take home message about PGP is it is not the ‘normal aches and pain of pregnancy’ you have to put up with. It is treatable and manageable for the majority of women. Chiropractic treatment is aimed at making your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

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