Improve your desk posture in 6 easy steps

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So many people are visiting our Cranbrook Chiropractic clinic with neck and back pain following months of working from home. One of the first things we ask is ‘how is your desk setup’. 

We love helping people with back pain relief; however, it’s important to establish the cause of your pain, otherwise you enter a vicious cycle. We can help you accelerate your recovery but returning to a poor desk setup isn’t going to help.

Pain   –>   Identify cause   –>   Treatment   –>   Remove cause   –>   Continue to treat to correct malfunction   –>   Optimal recovery

Working prolonged hours at a desk often doesn’t help however there are a few things you can do to help yourself. Here are a few top tips on desk setup that don’t have to cost the earth.

Act now with our top desk setup tips

  • Top of laptop screen level with your eyes – Use a box or hardback book to elevate 

    (If you’ve elevated your laptop you must get an additional keyboard and mouse to prevent wrist, elbow or shoulder strain) 

  • Check your elbows are at 90 degrees when using your keyboard – lift or lower your seat to achieve this (alternatively you can lift or lower your desk) 

  • Elbows and upper arm should be tucked at your side in line with your trunk

  • Sit back against the backrest of your chair (do not sit on a bench or backless chair)

  • Use a rolled up towel to support your lower backs natural curve – This will promote neutral spine

  • Footrest – Don’t let your legs dangle, they should be flat on the floor (You can improvise with a small box or a hardback book) 

Today’s question is ‘How to improve your desk posture?’

Our Cranbrook Chiropractor, Karen, is noticing an influx of postural related pain during Covid. This was potentially linked to the increased number of people working from home, without appropriate workstation setup. As with many injuries establishing the cause, and removing it will ensure healing is optimal.

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