Exercise and Me – How to fit in exercise

One of the things we get asked as chiropractors is “should I start swimming”?  My answer is always the same “if you like swimming”! The research for improving/preventing non-specific chronic low back pain with exercise is increasing so being regularly active (half an hour 3 times a week) is more important than you might think.

Exercise Could…

  • Help with weight loss

  • Improve your mental health / reduce depression

  • Improve aches and pains

  • Improve lung function

  • Increase your social circle

So why don’t we all do it regularly?

Finding Time

We are so busy! You may work weekends/work late/have kids/run a company/volunteer (the list is endless) and exercise isn’t your priority.  The key for me is routine. I know when I am going to exercise and I regularly stick to it. We are all different so find something that works for you and something you enjoy. Personally, I run in the morning (or I will find an excuse not to) and I love the parkrun because it is at the same time and place every week.  For some, signing up for a course may work as it involves being accountable and sticking to a timetable, this is great for pilates or yoga for example. Others love the freedom of gym membership if your schedule changes and you can work it around your week. Or you could incorporate it into your commute (cycle or get off the bus a stop early)? Whatever works for you.

Family Life

I have always been active and encouraged my kids to be too. At the weekend we will go for a long walk (usually ending with a pub lunch) and although they moan A LOT towards the end they love running around the forest or stopping for pooh sticks!  They love the junior parkrun (which my husband enjoys because he gets an hour to himself on a Sunday morning).

Get Out There 

Try lots of different forms of exercise and don’t give up. My sister is disabled and has to adapt her exercise but has found a passion for boxing. She is fitter, stronger and healthier than ever! So, when someone asks me “should I start swimming?” My answer should be “yes, if you love it, if you don’t then try running, netball, HIIT, cycling, canoeing, Pilates, yoga, dancing…” you get the idea.

Our Aldgate Chiropractor Charlotte regular takes part in park runs. She’s always encouraging her family out and about. There are so many benefits to regular exercise which can help prevent chronic back pain. If you need more help on how to exercise regularly and safely. Why not book a Chiropractic appointment today with Charlotte either online or call 0203 633 0565