How do I choose the right mattress for me?

Choosing the right bed is very important as we spend approximately 1/3 of our time in one. The British Chiropractic Association’s (BCA) research demonstrates that many patients present to chiropractors feeling that their back pain could be brought on by a nights sleep.

When is it time to buy a new bed?

  • Can you feel the springs through the mattress?

  • Are you or your partner finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep?

  • Is it more than 10years old? – Beds do wear out

Should I get a soft or hard mattress?

Everyone is different and what one person finds comfortable, another may not. So the more time you take to select your mattress the more likely you will find the right mattress for you.

  • Go to a store with a good selection so you can test out the options

  • Buy a big bed so you can move freely, however ensure you can still move easily round the room

The best mattress is a supportive one for your body therefore:-

  • When lying on your side your spine should be straight and parallel to the mattress – Get someone to check this when you test this out

  • Your neck should be a straight continuation of the spine therefore ensure it is level – Don’t use too many pillows as this will flex the neck towards the ceiling, and too few will cause the neck to flex towards the floor, so again get someone to check this when you test them out.

  • If you have a partner you should both select the best mattress for you, if your needs are different you can both buy a single mattress that zips together so you both get the support you need.

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