Helping Exeter companies prevent pain in the workplace

What can our Chiropractors offer companies like yours?

They work closely with many companies in and around Exeter, promoting better office health and injury prevention tips. Popular support options include:

  • One-to-one spinal health consults 

  • Onsite desk setup reviews

  • Injury prevention talks. Subjects previously requested:

    • Desk setup tips
    • Preventing postural related injury in the workplace
    • Lifting and carrying in the workplace
    • Driving posture
    • Working on the train or makeshift office

Our Chiropractors tailor their content to the individual company’s needs. For instance, an office which operates a ‘hot desking’ policy would benefit from educating their staff on a quick workstation setup routine to minimise injury. For those traveling to client sites, focus on traveling safely, minimising the weight carried and optimal carrying / lifting if traveling with laptops and documents. Paying attention to laptop setup if working on trains, or in temporary environments.

One-on-one Spinal Health consults

Sometimes staff require individual and detailed guidance to help with their spinal health in the workplace.

This is our most popular service. A Chiropractor will attend your company and provide 10minute one-to-one confidential consultation for your employees. These are aimed at encouraging staff to discuss any health concerns they may have. People often put off addressing their health concerns because they don’t know who to go too. Our Chiropractors are highly trained to recognise when Chiropractic care is suitable and can direct your staff to their GP, or another medical professional if needed. Generally the quicker a person addresses a health concern the better the outcome.

For those musculoskeletal complaints we can help with, we may offer advice on how the individual can take action to improve their situation eg:

  • Making adjustment to desk setup
  • Adjusting what and how they carry belongings into work
  • Footwear choices
  • Hydration
  • Exercise….. and so much more

Onsite desk setup reviews

Each staff member is different and requires a unique desk setup to prevent poor movement patterns. Repetitive bad movement patterns can lead to injury, this is why it’s so important desk setup is correct from day one.

Our Chiropractors will visit your company and analyse the ergonomics of your office, providing individual feedback to reduce the chance of injury. They will also speak to staff asking them questions about their back and give them advice on the correct way to enhance back health.

Prevention is far better than cure!

For those who hot-desk or work from home, it’s even more important they understand the correct desk setup to ensure they aren’t causing injury at home. We will offer your team advice on key tips they need to incorporate into their home working regime, to prevent injury.

Group Preventative injury talks

We provide various talks dependent on the company’s needs, however a popular one is on good workstation setup.

A fully qualified and registered Chiropractor will attend your companies office to talk about maintaining good spinal health, and preventing injury in the office. Talks include an explanation of the spine and why it’s so important to look after it. Top tips on good posture at the desk and how to position monitors, keyboards etc to minimise the chance of workstation injuries. We end our talks with a short Q+A session to help staff further.

If you’d like to book a wellness day at your office please email us and we will be happy to organise a suitable date. Please be aware we have limited availability so this opportunity will be offered on a first come first served basis. We are happy to come into co-working spaces to ensure smaller companies can benefit too. 

Please email us on for more information and to arrange a visit. 

We’ll arrange a call or meeting to assess your companies need and organise an onsite drop in clinic or talk for your team. Due to the interest we are offering this on a first-come-first served basis. We look forward to working with you to help more people in our community.

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