When would you see a Chiropractor? 

These days we can’t avoid being unhealthy, even if we think we are taking care of ourselves. For people working an 8 hour day in front of a computer eye strain and back pain is common. Without the correct care and attention back pain can progress to another level.  

For instance, let’s compare two different back pain diagnosis :

  • Mechanical back pain – Usually only been there a short period of time, and isolated to a specific area. Tailored Chiropractic care can help to improve function so your body can start healing itself as the pain becomes less intense and less frequent, before being a thing of the past.

  • ‘Sciatica’ the term used for generic leg pain (potentially caused by a ‘slipped disc’ or other compression) – Patients have often been doing the wrong activity for a long period of time, or repetitively not correcting their bad habits soon enough (or perhaps unaware they had any bad habits). These patients frequently admit they’ve suffered for a long time with multiple warning signs. 

Of these two if you have to have one diagnosis, mechanical lower back pains the one! This is usually an early sign things aren’t quite right. It’s important to listen to these, have some Chiropractic treatment and make some adjustments to your lifestyle (e.g. improve desk setup, correct your movement patterns, posture etc) to promote the optimal environment for healing.

Continue with your bad habits such as: 

  • Inactivity

  • Poor posture

  • Poor sleep

  • Poor nutrition

  • Ignoring your pain

  • High sustained stress levels

and you are likely to only continue into a downward spiral.

If this is you and you are asking yourself when should you see a Chiropractor? Go now why wait when you are suffering?

If you think your Company could benefit please do get your HR department to reach out to us via email (info@khchiropractic.com).

We’ll arrange a meeting with you or your relevant colleague, to assess your companies need and organise a tailored talk or onsite drop in clinic for your team. Due to the huge number of Aldgate Corporates within a 0.5mile radius we are offering this on a first-come-first served basis. We look forward to working with you to help more people in our community.