Chiropractic Care for injured war veterans

War doesn’t end for those involved with a peace treaty. In fact for many their journey has just begun. With loss of limb and other physical injury being common amongst many war veterans, they can face a long road ahead to recovery.

The training they have endured throughout their career is gruelling and more than anything a massive physical and mental test of strength, creating a driven, determined peron.

Charities such as ‘Help for Heroes’ provide great rehabilitation units to help support injured war veterans. There are also many other charities such as ‘Hands for Heroes’ which involves a group of chiropractors, including KH Chiropractic, providing free Chiropractic care to war veterans.

Not sure what a chiropractor is?

  • We are most well-known for treating back pain, however are often consulted for a range of other muscle and joint problems.

  • We work to reach the goals of our individual patients and tailor treatment to the individual

  • First a history and examination is carried out, then the chiropractor will explain the findings before proceeding with treatment (as long as appropriate to the presenting complaint).

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