The Importance of Physical Strength

Previously physical strength determined how much food we ate and how warm and dry we remained. Now it determines how well we function in the new surroundings we have created. “A weak man is not as happy as the same man if he were strong’’.

People often consult chiropractors wondering why they experience back and/or neck pain sitting at their desks 12hours+ a day.

The same questions and comments come out like:-

  • But I never had this before, why now?

  • I have always worked those hours so it can’t be linked

  • I didn’t do anything different

  • Bad backs run in the family, my dad has a slipped disc so I guess I was bound to get one

  • I just have a weak back

  • I have had back pain for years but it has suddenly got really bad

Most of these comments are ridiculous. Yes, you can have a weak back but because you don’t exercise it, or you do it badly. With the right guidance from a professional you can gradually and safely strengthen your key stabilising muscles. These days we focus far too much on things that are in front of us such as computer, laptops, phones etc.

We were designed to be ‘cavemen’ and ‘cavewomen’ who would run around to catch food and carry out manual activities. These days we behave in a very different manner which is leading to a new age of musculoskeletal complaints. Poorer postures and modern demands are leading to the ‘posterior chain’ (back muscles) rarely getting a good work out.

Just because ‘John’ over the table from you doesn’t complain all the time about his back doesn’t mean he doesn’t have aches or pains and that his health is not being affected by his lifestyle choice. If he does have that envious physique, great complexion, bouncy happy attitude,  I’m pretty sure we both know he works for it.

Can you be sure he does not:-

  • Exercise

  • Have a great diet

  • Avoid alcohol/caffeine

  • Visits a good Chiropractor or other therapist?

Exercise should not be something we do to fix a problem. It should be done to maintain a healthy body and mind.

We must adhere to what our body was designed for. If we look at the past ‘caveman’ we see their existence and daily demands much differently than ours today.

All of us possess potentially strong muscles, bones, sinews and nerves. These together make up our existence. Therefore it is wise not to neglect them. Instead we need to stimulate them via exercise.

Although everyone stresses about weightlifting and girls worry about looking like men, how wrong are they! Check out the article ‘Why ladies should lift’ here. With the right technique weightlifting can be the most beneficial functional exercise we can do. Plus when you learn to activate the correct muscles a more toned sculptured look is obtained. Which is more than you can ever wish for running on a treadmill day after day.

At KH Chiropractic and Sports Massage we see a huge number of people in the city who sit at desks all day. Some don’t exercise at all and some try to establish a healthy balance where possible. We encourage people to take up sports and exercise with their medical history in mind to reduce the chance of further injury and also as a preventative. Exercises is very important and has a huge number of mental and physical health benefits.

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