How to help resolve your neck pain at work 

It’s important if you are suffering with neck pain and / or headaches to get them properly assessed by a qualified practitioner. Many people self-diagnose via Goggle, or carry out dangerous techniques which would not be recommended. It’s important to establish the cause and treat the complaint correctly and safely. 

The exercises in the following video include some our Chiropractors give to suitable patients. Without an assessment you cannot be sure these are correct for your neck pain. We recommend you check with a qualified practitioner before you go ahead and do these.

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There is no better time to take action than now

  • Check your desk setup

    Incorrect positioning of your screen, chair, mouse, keyboard can all contribute to neck pain at work, and even headaches.

  • Drink plenty of water regularly

    Dehydration can be an easily resolved cause without the need for unnecessary medication.

  • Take regular breaks

    Staring at a computer screen, phone, iPad etc can all lead to neck pain and headaches. So many parents restrict their children’s screen time but do they limit their own?

  • Shoulder rolls

    There are a lot of muscles traveling up from the shoulders into the neck. These link the upper back, neck shoulder joints together. If one area ‘malfunctions’ due to overly tight muscles or stiff joints they can influence different areas you may not have considered.

  • Gentle neck stretches

    Lengthening muscles which have been tense or contracted helps relieve pain. Encouraging movement is key to a healthy functioning body. 

If you think you may need some help with your neck pain relief please book online, call 0203 633 0565 or email for further information

Every day Chiropractor’s Charlotte and Karen see patients suffering from neck pain at work.

Chiropractic treatment can help improve function and relieve neck pain. In addition they offer advice on better posture and lifestyle choices. If you need more help with your neck pain at work book online or call 0203 633 0565