Whiplash Assoc Disorders

Whiplash associated disorders can occur from any sudden movement such as slips, falls and car accidents. Whiplash prevents the joints of the neck gliding smoothly as they should do with their self-lubricating joints and instead the joints are forced together damaging the surrounding area, which includes nerves, muscles, ligaments and discs.

Whiplash injuries can present a variety of symptoms including dizziness, light headedness, neck pain, headache, arm pain, fatigue and poor concentration.

When you attend the chiropractic clinic in either Earlsfield or Liverpool Street / Aldgate (near Spitalfields) your chiropractor will take a full history and examine you. Following this the chiropractor will provide a full explanation of your complaint and explain how you will be treated. Treatment for these kinds of injuries often involves gentle, specific adjustments to your neck. This should decrease the pain and restore normal movement, aiming to get each joint working at its best.

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