Top movement and relaxation tips

When it comes to a well functioning body – ‘Motion is Lotion’

If you don’t usually exercise do not increase by more than 10% per week. Starting with something gentle like a short walk, can be a safe starting point.

Aldgate Chiropractor, Karen writes about some top movement and relaxation tips for you to embrace during these challenging times.

  • Yoga / Pilates

    We love physically guided Yoga and Pilates, with experienced teachers who have a hands on approach. Unfortunately during lockdown this isn’t possible, making it all the more important you pay attention to your form. There are online exercise classes popping up everywhere, however we recommend you consult a healthcare practitioner prior to taking part in any online exercise regime to make sure it suits you, particularly if you’re recovering from injury. For instance an acute lower back injury is not likely to respond well to twisting actions which may be part of an online programme.

    Our Chiropractor Karen has been taking part in 30 days of online Yoga with Adriene. She has found this useful for keeping her body mobile during lockdown, while she’s spending more time at her desk.

    Karen says – It’s important your chosen exercise is pitched at your ability level, otherwise you could cause injury.

  • Cycling 

    This is one of Karen’s passions. Although cycling is not for everyone, we do recommend finding something that makes you feel free and energised, enabling you to let go of any negativity.  

    Karen says – ‘I notice the feeling of freedom on my bike. When I exit the house for my daily exercise I breath in and feel the pressure lift.’ 

  • Walking 

    A way to connect with nature and enjoy the calm simple things. It could be argued nature is making a comeback with reduced human interference. Blossom, lambs, ducklings, livestock, birds…… 

    Karen says – ‘I’ve noticed far more of what’s going on around me since lockdown, something I’d usually rush past. If you’re near a woodland, listen out for drumming woodpeckers, bonus if you manage to spot one too!’

  • Meditation 

    Now this has been on Karen’s to do list for ages! She’s never given it a chance but right now there’s no better time to take care of your body and learn new stress management skills. So she’s been giving it a go, just 5-15minutes a day.

    Karen says – ‘It was great to switch off for 15minutes and shut out the days distractions.’

The current Covid challenge has brought with it a lot of stress. We wrote these top movement and relaxation tips to inspire you to find management strategies to deal with your stress. Research has shown pain hyper-sensitises when someone is under stress.

Therefore reducing stress can have a positive influence on physical pain and injury too!

We have some great free tips on our social media channels and blog to help you through lockdown. If you would like more specific help do contact us via email or phone and we’d be happy to discuss your individual questions free of charge.

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