What do amateur Athletes forget when comparing themselves to Elite Athletes?

It’s a professionals athlete job to focus purely on their sporting performance. They have access to:-

  • Regular treatment – To address problematic areas via sports injury treatment and also with a preventative aim

  • Strength and conditioning – Working on weaknesses, preventing injury

  • Nutrition – Providing their bodies with the building blocks to repair quickly and efficiently

  • Adequate sleep – Studies have shown that good sleep is essential for optimal health and healing

  • Body aware – Noticing subtle changes in their gait / alignment and addressing them

In comparison the amateur athlete has all these added stresses on their body:-

  • Work stress

  • A quick hours blast in the gym which one week may be regular , then another non-existent

  • Often a non-existent stretching and strengthening regime

  • 8-12+ hours sitting at a desk or multiple hours lifting awkward items in more manual jobs

  • Amateurs usually wait until they are in severe pain before consulting a healthcare professional

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