Sports Injury Therapy

It is always worth discussing suitable exercise with your chiropractor prior to taking part, especially following injury. At KHChiropractic we can help you with a suitable safe choice of exercise.

Chiropractor Karen Habershon has experience working with many athlets professional and ametur including:-

  • New Zealand Rugby League team
  • Premiership footballers
  • London Wasp Colts
  • Crossfit athletes


What do ameteur athletes forget when comparing themselves to professional athletes?

Professionals athlete are good because their job is to focus on optimal performance. They have access to:-

  • Regular treatment – To address probelmatic areas and for preventative treatment
  • Strength and conditioning – Working on weaknesses before they result in injury
  • Nutrition – Providing their bodies with the building blocks to repair quickly and efficiently.
  • Adequate sleep – Studies have shown that adequat rest is essetial for optimal health and healing.
  • Body aware – Noticing subtle changes to their gait and alignment

In comparison the ametueur athlete has all these added stresses on thier body:-

  •  Rushing into work
  • A quick hours blast in the gym which one week may be regular , then another non-existant
  • 8-12+ hours sitting or multiple hours lifting awkward items in more manual jobs
  • Amateurs usually wait until they are in severe pain before consulting a healthcare professional

What should we learn from this?

Prevention is far better than cure! You wouldn’t wait until your teeth fell out to see a dentist. So why wait until you are in agony to see a chiropractor?


What happens when we sit too long at work?

Upper-Cross Posture develops from poor posture muscles

Upper-Cross Posture develops from poor posture muscles

It’s very hard to sit well for more than 30minutes, however many people sit for 8+ hours a day, somthing the human body just isn’t designed to do. So what happens to us when we do this?

We encourage an ‘upper-cross-posture’, the chest muscles become shortened / tight and the upper back muscles become weak and lax. This imbalance effects function as it encourages the body into a non-neutral posture and shoulders become forward drawn. Although exercise is very important a productive workout is even more important therefore we must focus on good form. The majority of our Liverpool Street patients work at desks all day, something we were not designed to do, hence why a 1hour high intensity work out following a 8+ hour day at a desk frequently causes problems.

The culture in the city often gravitates toward a fast pace of life, with high stress levels which frequently lead to less healthy dietary choices. When we are highly stressed with little spare time, other areas of our lives tend to get neglected such as eating, drinking water, exercising and sleeping.

It is time we all took responsibility for our own health and became aware of the stresses we put on our bodies and minimised them. Chiropractic treatment can be a positive way to help promote a healthy functioning musculoskeletal system.


Here are some blog posts written to provide you with some more information on different types of exercise and how to avoid injury.

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Sports Testimonials

Micheal Richards, Oakmedians RFC 1st Team Captain
‘As the 1st XV captain, it was great to have Karen on board for the 2010-11 season. Her commitment, treatment skills and knowledge base were a real asset to us. I had a few minor injuries treated throughout the course of the season treated by Karen, and I was very impressed with her level of professionalism. In the past we have had numerous chiropractors, however Karen’s handling of the players and commitment to the cause stands head and shoulders above the rest.’

Andrew Walton, Chairman Oakmeadians RFCOaksUsed Team Pic
‘Karen has been with Oakmeadians RFC throughout the 2010-2011 season. During her time with us she regularly attended matches on Saturdays for the senior men’s teams and on Sundays for our junior teams and also the ladies teams. Her reliability and commitment are beyond question. Travelling with the 1st XV to away fixtures often meant round trips in excess of 300 miles and a 12 hour day starting at 9am. The coaching staff, the players and the rest of the committee all consider Karen to be a vital component of the playing structure at Oakmeadians RFC. Her contribution to the club was acknowledged with an award at our end-of-season awards dinner. I can without reservation recommend Karen and I wish her every success for the future.’

Thomas Drewett, Head Coach Oakmeadians RFC
‘Karen has been a vital member of Oakmeadians, delivering medical support to the players. She led small group of chiropractors in delivering medical support for the club on Saturdays and Sundays. She carried out her duties in a professional manner. Karen has showed that she is able to work independently as well as part of a team often going beyond the job remit. When needed Karen treated players outside of the Tuesday/Thursday evening training sessions to aid in player diagnosis of injury and rehabilitation of their injuries. Karen was in-charge of our weekly training sessions, matches on Saturdays for the senior men’s teams and on Sundays for our junior teams and also the ladies teams. Karen is a reliable and committed person with a desire to be the best in her field continuing to seek ways to improve her medical support. I would recommend Karen and I wish her every success for the future.’