Sports Injuries

Here are a few sports injuries people often consult chiropractors about:-

Many people get frustrated and do not understand why professional athletes compete at high levels and are rarely injured. One thing to remember is this in many cases is their job, therefore it is vital that they maintain an ‘all round’ healthy body and lifestyle.

If we compare this to the general person who trains on the side of their job, perhaps at times sporadically, or even intensely when you embrace a new challenge such as London Marathon it becomes clearer why we often encounter injuries.

Let’s say you twisted your left ankle, you would avoid that painful position which often means leaning over to the right. This increases demand on the right side and reduces the movement on the left which can often cause restrictions and asymmetry as the body compensates, adjusting to the injury.

Doing job that is repetitive whether it involves excessive hours at a desk or repetitive lifting and carrying, stresses the same areas each day and is likely to encourage some poor postures as you fatigue. So here are a few things for you to think about:-

  • How long do you sit in one position?
  • How often do you lift, and do you lift properly? (consider not only moving house but also picking up a pen, or your children)
  • How good is your diet?
  • What are your guilty pleasures? (Sugar, Smoking, Alcohol, Slouching on the sofa)
  • How often do you service your body? (by seeing a Chiropractor, Osteopath, Sports Therapist, Massage Therapist)

We MOT and service our cars regularly and they are replaceable, so why don’t we all care for our bodies which aren’t so easily replaced?

Upper-Cross Posture develops from poor posture muscles

Upper-Cross Posture develops from poor posture muscles

Sitting for longer than 30 minutes without getting up and moving leaves joints in one position and can result in restrictions which can cause discomfort and pain. The sitting position also puts the muscles at the front of your hips (hip flexors) in a shortened position and tends to encourage people to slouch, roll their shoulders forward and allow their head to jet forward, stressing the back and neck. We are highly dependent on our hands which are in front of us which further encourages this bad ‘upper-crossed posture’. CLICK HERE to improve your desk setup now.

When we think about sports injuries we need to consider where the injury is and why it has happened. Looking at the patient’s history, physical presentation and environment are all very important. For instance:-

  • How old is footwear?
  • Is the choice of footware appropriate?
  • Do they carry a heavy bag on one shoulder?
  • Do they wear high-heels?
  • How many pillows do they sleep on?

These are just a few things to consider when investigating the cause of a complaint. Every person exposes their body to different environmental factors. For this reason chiropractors take a full history to get an understanding of past and present influences before they carry out an examination

It's important to lift weights safely and correctly.

It’s important to lift weights safely and correctly.

to test the injured area and pin point the cause. It’s important to consider the whole body in this.

Our Chiropractor Karen has experience treating a number of rugby teams including New Zealand rugby league team, premiership football players and currently works with the Brazilian Football Academy preparing the players for the signing of professional contracts across Europe.

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