Sports Chiropractor – Testimonials

New Zealand Rugby League Team

In 2011 Karen worked as a sports chiropractor with the New Zealand Rugby League team in preparation for the 4 Nations at Wembley Stadium. Picture from left to right Nathan Fien, Karen Habershon (sports chiropractor) and Benji Marshall.Treating New Zealand Rugby League Team - Nathan Fien & Benji Marshall






CrossFit – London Throwdown 2012

Karen Habershon provided pre and post treatment for CrossFit athletes from all over the world at ‘The London Throwdown 2012′, held at Brunel University.

London Throwdown2012







Rugby – Oakmeadians RFC

Karen worked with Oakmedians RFC in Bournemouth providing tailored sports chiropractic care primarily for their 1st XV Team. She provided pitchside first aid as well as treatment within a clinical setting. Since working with Oakmedians Karen has gone on to work with New Zealand Rugby League Team and London Wasps.

Oakmeadians Medical

‘As the 1st XV captain, it was great to have Karen on board for the 2010-11 season. Her commitment, treatment skills and knowledge base were a real asset to us. I had a few minor injuries throughout the course of the season treated by Karen, and I was very impressed with her level of professionalism. In the past we have had numerous interns from the AECC Chiropractic clinic, however Karen’s handling of the players and commitment to the cause stands head and shoulders above the rest.’

Micheal Richards, Oakmedians RFC 1st Team Captain,

‘Karen has been a vital member of our support staff delivering medical support to the players. She led small group of chiropractors in delivering medical support for the club on Saturdays and Sundays. She carried out her duties in a professional manner. Karen has showed that she is able to work independently as well as part of a team often going beyond the job remit. When needed Karen treated players outside of the Tuesday/Thursday evening training sessions to aid in player diagnosis of injury and rehabilitation of their injuries. Karen was in-charge of our weekly training sessions, matches on Saturdays for the senior men’s teams and on Sundays for our junior teams and also the ladies teams. Karen is a reliable and committed person with a desire to be the best in her field continuing to seek ways to improve her medical support. I would recommend Karen and I wish her every success for the future.’

Thomas Drewett, Head Coach Oakmeadians RFC,

Oakmeadians 1st Team‘Karen has been with Oakmeadians RFC throughout the 2010-2011 season. During her time with us she regularly attended matches on Saturdays for the senior men’s teams and on Sundays for our junior teams and also the ladies teams. Her reliability and commitment are beyond question. Travelling with the 1st XV to away fixtures often meant round trips in excess of 300 miles and a 12 hour day starting at 9am. The coaching staff, the players and the rest of the committee all consider Karen to be a vital component of the playing structure at Oakmeadians RFC. Her contribution to the club was acknowledged with an award at our end-of-season awards dinner. I can without reservation recommend Karen to any employer or organisation and I wish her every success for the future.’

Andrew Walton, Chairman Oakmeadians RFC,

‘Karen suggested after an impact injury that there was a chance that my radius could have been broken. This was based on the type of impact made, as well as the thought by both players involved that they had heard a crack. I played on due to the still full movement of my hand and arm despite Karen suggesting that with a fracture and that initially full movement without significant pain was not a sign that it was fine. Within a short period of time it was unplayable. Karen immediately had it iced and raised. As we were playing away, and although going to the local hospital was an option, I preferred to wait till we got back to Bournemouth. Karen suggested that Hospital was best but possibly not essential, she suggested that the primary worry was that the blood supply to the lower arm may have been damaged which would be serious and would require emergency attention, but that if this was not the case that there was no obvious displacement and that it was likely just a fracture of the radius. As I said I’d prefer to wait till we got back she checked regularly that my hand was maintaining a good blood supply. It turned out that I had indeed broken my radius, but no further damage, I have since fully recovered. Karen also diagnosed and treated some slight tendonitis in my foot. The injury started playing up during training and during a match. Karen asked whether I had started wearing new boots which I had. They were slightly too tight across the top on my foot which had caused the pressure on the tendon to get irritated. Suggested treatment was rest, ice compression and elevation, as well as a change of footwear. Within a week and a half I was back playing with no further problems. Karen has also treated multiple small impact injuries throughout the season and has always followed up on any injuries that she thought may have been more serious. Her advice has always been spot on and her care and attention to detail both under pressure, given limited time during games and also when given more time in the physio room have been impeccable.’

Daniel Crowe, Investment Analyst,

‘I had a multitude of injuries OaksfirstAidover last season which Karen diagnosed and treated. Beginning of the season I suffered an ankle injury and injured ligaments around the ankle, later I was suffering with a back injury and then a dislocated collar bone. Throughout the season I was also suffering from a disc issue in my neck. Karen dealt with these issues in an incredibly professional way and from a knowledgeable stand point. Through every facet of my treatment I was filled with confidence that her decisions and rehabilitation was the right way forward. She was able to converse with me about my injuries in ways I could understand, made correct diagnosis and advised me on the best course of action. Many times Karen went beyond her remit with me in terms of time and attention to detail to help me recover. Making sure I had the best chance of rehabilitation possible. She arranged for x-rays, ultra sounds and also a meeting with the head of her clinic which was very difficult to organise. I firmly believe that without her help I would be in a very worse way than I am. And I have utmost faith in her ability, knowledge, professionalism and work ethic. I can only say with hand on my heart with are incredibly sorry to lose her. She is a highly recommended sports chiropractor.’

Neil Werry-Easterbrook, Fireman, Retired Marine,