Should I worry about leg pain?

This is difficult without having a full examination by one of our Aldgate Chiropractors, therefore we can not say a solid yes or no I’m afraid. 

Leg symptoms are quite common and can often be resolved through working with a Chiropractor, however some are caused by non-mechanical triggers which need an alternative skill set. Chiropractors are highly trained and should be able to provide you with a diagnosis, and most suitable treatment course for you.

Leg pain usually occurs due to some level of pressure on a nerve. A nerves job is to relay messages to, and from the brain. When pressure is applied by inflammation, a disc or other cause, we feel pain. If enough pressure is exerted, we start to feel one or a combination of the following – tingling, numbness, burning, shooting pain and or weakness.

Concerning bowel or bladder habits?

When we discuss leg pain we must also ensure bowel and bladder habits have not changed. Concerning bowel and bladder habits include:

  • Difficulty starting or stopping urinating
  • Difficulty starting or stopping passing faeces
  • Lack of sensation to the saddle area (buttock). Perhaps noticed when wiping.

If you think you have these issues please contact your GP, call 111 or visit your nearest A+E immediately to get these checkout.

It is very important when we experience pressure on a nerve root, that pressure is relieved as quickly as possible, to prevent permanent damage. Nerve root recovery depends on the:

  • Amount of nerve damaged

  • Time frame pressure has been applied to the nerve

Sustained pressure or interruption to a nerve, can result in permanent damage such as weakness of a muscle, constant burning, tingling or numbness to a specific area and or a loss of reflexes. 

To learn more about lower back and leg pain management prior to your appointment, click here.

Prevention is always better than cure. We will examine you to establish if your leg pain is suitable for Chiropractic care. We will also educate you on changes you can make to your every-day life to prevent future flare ups and accelerate healing. To book your Chiropractic treatment book online or call 0203 633 0565

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