Warning, warning all rugby fans!

A must read, Pre Rugby World Cup Final

Now we all know Saturdays going to be an exciting day, for England and South Africa. So our Aldgate Chiropractor’s wanted to warn you (before you pick up a beer), of the risks that could be coming your way. 

Here are some top tips to avoiding injuries while watching the Rugby World Cup final this weekend. 


Lifting a pint of beer – Repetitive motions can lead to injury. To avoid such wrist, hand or shoulder injuries we have a few solutions 

  • Drink less

  • Take larger mouthfuls less often

  • Alternate left and right hands to half the demand on your dominant arm


The match is early. So if you’re making a social day of it involving alcohol, pacing yourself is key! We’ve all seen that person who’s just taken it too far. Remember alcohol dehydrates you so drink plenty of water too.

  • Discs and all the cells in our body need water to function at their best

  • Dehydration can exacerbate existing back pain too!

Alcohol related injury 

It’s not uncommon for people to get over excited at sporting events. This can result in injuries sustained from poor decisions while intoxicated. These could include: 

  • Falls – From excitable dancing on tables you shouldn’t have been on

  • Trips – Down stairs you ‘forgot’ were there

  • Sprains – From uneven surfaces you over confidently tackled

  • Strain’s – From excessive confidence in your bodies gymnastic ability

  • Other traumas – perhaps from altercations from other supporters! (We really hope not, but remember it’s all confidential in clinic)

Neck injuries

Rugby World Cup Final viewing can get lively! Here are some top tips to avoiding neck injuries:

  • Neutral Neck – Position yourself well with a ‘head on’ view. You don’t want to be twisting off to one side ‘straining’ your neck for long periods of time, to see the screen

  • Stay alert at all time – Sudden cheers could lead to sudden neck movements, or jolts which could aggravate a preexisting back or neck pain.

  • Excitable behaviour – Often victory or loss can result in unusual behaviour. Please be vigilant of other who may land on you, or even crash into you causing injury.

So stay safe rugby supporters and enjoy the game!

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