Babies and Children (Paediatric Chiropractor)

People are often shocked to hear newborn babies and young children visit chiropractors, however we have to remember that they can experience some of the most traumatic events during their early years. Imagine being pushed through a small relatively ridged hole. Don’t you think that even that during a straight forward birth is enough to make us feel a little sore?

Firstly let me reassure you the way we choose to treat babies and children at KH Chiropractic is drastically different to adults. Their bones, muscles and associated structures are still developing and therefore it is vital practitioners adapt their techniques accordingly. With babies we work on the same structures with smaller, much lighter treatment. For instance the pressure used on a newborn baby would be similar to that you can withstand on your eyeball!

During delivery there are a number of factors which can influence delivery choice such as position, size, health of mother and baby etc. The choice should be made in the best interest of mother and baby, which can mean a natural birth is not suitable. No matter what type of delivery you have (natural, c-section, ventouse forceps etc) there is a huge demand on both bodies.

For those who experience more distressing births requiring intervention, there are additional stresses put upon the newborn. If we consider the force exerted on the babies head and neck by the use of tools and extraction devices we can only imagine the discomfort this could lead to. How do you think you would feel if you were pulled head first through a small hole?

What happens when I bring my baby to the chiropractor?

As babies can’t tell us what’s wrong there are a number of ways chiropractors can pull together information to help understand what is troubling them, information is gathered from the:-

  • Pregnancy history

  • Birth history

  • Baby position in the womb (eg breech, transverse and for how long)

  • Babies current habits and postures (sleep pattern, feeding habits, daily routines, general wellbeing)


During the examination postural and muscular tension are assessed, as well as body, spine and neck movement. Particular attention is put on spinal mobility and alignment. Head shape and position of the cranial bones are evaluated. For babies with feeding difficulties the sucking reflex, jaw movements and mouth muscles are assessed. The abdomen and diaphragm are checked for tension and areas of potential congestion. Hips, knees and feet are also carefully checked for alignment and stability.
Examinations vary and take into consideration age and developmental stage.


If treatment is suitable it is always gentle and age/development appropriate. It will also depend very much on the baby or child’s co-operation. Some babies will sleep right through treatment, others will prefer to be held by the chiropractor or parent, others prefer lying on a beanbag. Our aim is to make the baby or child as relaxed and happy as possible. Its also great if both parents can attend the treatment to have the best understanding of what we are doing and how they can help their child further at home.

Treatment is:-




Drug free

Treatment response

We always monitor treatment response not only through what we feel (postural and mechanical change) but also via parent feedback. We may offer advice on nutrition, sleep position, car seats etc. We may also feel the need to work alongside GPs, Specialists and health visitors where necessary.

A visit to your chiropractor can help reduce your pregnancy pain making you feel more comfortable. Your chiropractor will use appropriate gentle treatment techniques. Please call KHChiropractic Aldgate / Liverpool Street for more information 0203 633 0565 or email