Restoring the Work Life Balance and Minimising Stress – Workaholic to Cyclaholic

Last year our Chiropractor, Karen had a little reality check that while focusing on her working life, the rest of life was passing her by (an all to common occurrence for many in London). Working hours were high, social hours were low, rest and relaxation were almost non-existent. Daily she found herself advising others on the importance of a good work life balance, yet wasn’t achieving that herself. Although not always in a state of high stress through direct problems, she could feel her body was under pressure always tense and uncomfortable. It was time to practice what she preached and start minimising stress and reassessing her priorities.

She left one of her jobs to free up weekends, focus on her own Chiropractic clinic and signed up for ‘Prudential 100’ cycle event. In a bid to meet like-minded people she decided to cycle for Children with Cancer UK, and met a great new friend to train with. Soon her network of cycle buddies blossomed. Many of you will have read her last years blogs, of inexperienced cycling, which taught her a few fast and sharp lessons. But this year she was back more prepared and experienced, resulting in her knocking almost 1 hour off her finish time! Read more about how she achieved this here.

Aldgate Chiropractor, Karen, encourages her patients to look at the bigger picture when it comes to discomfort and injury. Repetitive bad lifestyle choices often take an active roll in injury, recovery and future flare ups. It really is rare that the human body malfunctions without good reason.

Minimising stress, getting your work life under control, exercising regularly, sleeping fro 7+ hours, improving eating and drinking habits, while still managing stress is key. Every little improvement makes a difference.

Here are a few key points to consider:

  • What we eat

  • What we drink

  • What we do physically

  • The length of time we do anything (sitting at a desk, walking in heels, running etc)

  • What toxins we expose our bodies to

  • Stress levels

  • Lack of Sleep / Poor quality sleep

Poor lifestyle choices can hugely disadvantage the body. In general the human body will have a better chance of optimal performance, if we remove as many stresses as possible, and feed it nutrient rich foods to regenerate good healthy cells (the building blocks to all your bodies functions). Our bodies are constantly rebuilding and replacing old damaged cells, without you even realising.

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We take the whole body approach, recognising the importance of minimising stress in all aspects of life to preserve our bodies and achieve optimal function and better quality of life.