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London Marathon 2018 – Sports Massage Aldgate

With the London Marathon fast approaching and your miles increasing there’s no better time to get yourself a sports massage. Sports massage has a number of benefits for the body and mind and can really help boost your training.

Florence will be providing pre-marathon massage at the Excel center for 2018 London Marathon runners. She’s also in clinic this week and next providing pre and post Marathon sports massage in Aldgate.

Benefits may include:-
• Reduced anxiety
• Pain relief
• Encourage blood flow
• Relaxation
• Aid sleep

Do remember sports massage is not only for the injured! Find out more about the benefits of sports massage here.

As can be seen above there are a lot of other benefits and preventative benefits to massage. Prevention is always a better option than cure.
We a lucky enough at KH Chiropractic & Sports Massage Aldgate, to have Florence offering Sports Massage treatment. She has worked at many sporting events here are a few she’s treated at this year, not even the snow stopped her!

Olympic Park Velodrome event – Massage area for GOSH (Great Ormand Street)

Half Marathon – Big Half, Greenwich Park London
Dance Event – MoveIT 2018, ExCel London

This month April is super exciting too! Florence will be providing pre-marthon massage at the ExCel centre when athletes pick up their race numbers!
To find out more about Florence hit this link.
So why not book yourself a sports massage in Aldgate with Florence today? Bookings can be made via 0203 633 0565 or online at