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The question should be more ‘why wouldn’t you look after your body?’

Our bodies are incredibly complex machines and require constant love and care to promote longterm health. Many people don’t give their bodies the care they needs, instead waiting until they feel pain. A question our Liverpool Street Chiropractor often asks people is, would you leave your car squeaking? Everyone immediately says ‘no’, so why let your body? That’s the body that worked so hard to pay for the car!

It’s great purchasing ‘things’ but if our bodies let us down we can’t enjoy them.

Sometimes we groan and flinch in pain, sometimes we just struggle around suffering for days, weeks, months or even years. Yet without a fully functioning body, many of these things become miserable and difficult:

  • Driving your car

Yes, the one you so carefully care for and spend lots of money on to keep it safe and roadworthy.

  • Getting to work comfortably

The average London commute is one hour. That’s one hour squashed on a tube, carrying your laptop, walking in the rain and tolerating many other stressed passengers.

  • Focus at work

It’s almost impossible to concentrate properly when our brains are processing pain.

A report released by the BBC in November 2016 drew attention to the fact that the number of ‘extreme commuters’ was on the rise. These are referred to as people commuting in excess of two hours on a week day! Yikes!! This could mean that after a stressful 8-10 hour day sitting in the office, you are then static on your way home, a spine’s nightmare!

Bodies were designed to move, but modern day life just doesn’t help us achieve this as much as we should. Our Liverpool Street Chiropractor is here to help you gain pain relief and prevent it. They will also educated you on preventative measures, to make sure your body receives the love and care it needs and deserves.

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