Juggling Exeter City life and family life

All too often, new patients attend our Chiropractic clinic with a huge amount of physical pain, but what many fail to notice is their emotional stress levels. In our modern, high-pressured world, this often results in body neglect. Putting off health and wellbeing is the key to disaster: without well-functioning bodies, we can’t achieve the following goals to the best of our ability:

  • Work effectively

  • Optimal Career progress

  • Provide for our family

  • Enjoy time with our family 

A stressor is anything that increases the demand on the body (physical, chemical or emotional). Stresses can be as small as a cut, or as big as a fracture or surgery; mental (psychological) stress can be as little as ‘spilt milk’ to overwhelmingly hard-to-cope-with issues like redundancy or divorce. Chemical stresses include innocent deodorant through to intense causes such as pollution or Botox. Most of us experience a delightful mix of physical, chemical and emotional stress!

Have you ever felt like crying over ‘spilt milk’ when really the spills not the real issue?

The combination of physical and emotional stresses, no matter how small they may seem on their own, together can accumulate and overwhelm you!

Many physical and mental stresses can’t be seen, and a huge number of people walk around for weeks, months, or even years with a ‘heavy weight on their shoulders’, struggling to cope.

You are not alone!

I hear parents struggle with the guilt and pressures of balancing work with family life.  If they have very young children, being home enough to spend quality time with them, not to mention having the energy to take an active roll in looking after them day and night, can be a real problem.

And I find, with stressed parents, ‘looking after themselves’ definitely comes last.

TOP TIP – Don’t forget yourself

When was the last time you had:

  • Quality time with your partner

  • Quality time with friends

  • Treatment for your aches and pains?

The following tips are worth considering, whether or not you’re a parent…

  • Do you have a musculoskeletal niggle that you’ve been ignoring? It could be time to see a chiropractor or other healthcare professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan, followed by some tailored rehabilitation to prevent worsening and future flare ups.

  • Do you know you have health concerns that should be monitored? Or perhaps a condition which runs in the family, such as high blood pressure or Cholesterol? It’s time to book a check up with your GP and take an active roll in preventative measures, such as better lifestyle choices.

  • You are what you eat – Source healthy, unprocessed foods to avoid hidden ingredients, unnecessary ‘bad fat’ and sugar.

The guilt that manifests from being away for long hours at work or travelling abroad can be massive, not to mention putting huge pressure on your relationship with your partner. I see this in clinic on a daily occurrence as families battle with keeping the work life balance in check.

No one can show you the right balance as this is subjective, and weighing up work demands and rewards and the impact on family life is only for you to judge. But one thing I would say is: don’t forget you. If you aren’t ok you can’t help anyone else in your family.

If you do feel you could benefit from some chiropractic help with those aches and pains, give me a call or drop me a note here on LinkedIn. Even if you’re not sure whether chiropractic is right for you, I’ll be happy to chat and we can take it from there.

We provide Chiropractic treatment east of Exeter. Our approach considers the whole body and all factors which can influence pain and recovery. Environment, physical and emotional stress all play significant rolls in patient recovery. It’s important we establish the cause and diagnosis to ensure patients are getting the tailored care they require, to obtain the quickest most effective recovery.

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