How to reduce your stress during challenging times

There is no doubt most of the world is encountering some level of stress during these challenging times. Whether it’s: 

  • Lack of work

  • Uncertainty

  • Managing children

  • Even too much work 

Every persons Corona-coaster journey is individual and none of us can imagine how another is coping. But during these times many people have come together to help and support one another, frequently offering their skills for free. From online support groups and yoga sessions to people raising money for the NHS such as Captain Tom Moore. He has touched the nation, raising over £32million for the NHS. We loved his wise words, perhaps they will bring you hope and inspiration too?

“I think you’ve all got to remember that we will get through it in the end……… All you people who are finding it difficult at the moment, the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.” 

6 easy steps to reduce your stress:

  • Take a break

    Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Remember don’t beat yourself up about every little thing. Instead do something else you’ve been meaning to embrace such as baking, drawing, gardening etc

  • Learn to breath correctly

    Strangely many people don’t know how to breath well. Correct breathing increases oxygen uptake, something every cell in your body needs. Good breathing also requires good posture so it’s a ‘Win Win!’

  • Move your body

    Motion is lotion! The best thing you can do for your body is move regularly. Sitting all day in one position encourages some muscles to shorten and feel tight, while others lengthen and weaken! Not to mention your joints stiffening. Moving from your desk every 20 minutes, even if you just walk to the printer is a good habit to get into.

    If you are prone to forget set an alarm on your computer or watch.

  • Keep hydrated

    Your body is 80% water so it’s really important to drink plenty of water. We tend to feel thirsty once our water stores are already lower than optimal.

    Keep a glass of fresh was on your desk at all times.

  • Eat well

    The famous saying ‘you are what you eat’ is spot on! Although many lower nutritional foods seem to taste nice, they don’t help our bodies replenish and repair. Try to keep a balanced diet and consult a nutritionist if you’re unsure if you’re making good healthy choices.

  • Let go of negativity

    The worlds in a troubled place right now with a lot of uncertainty. Look at reducing your exposure to negativity if you are finding it’s having a negative effect. That could mean:

    • Reducing the amount you listen to the news
    • Chatting more to your optimistic friends
    • Organising a fun zoom catch up with friends, family or colleagues
    • Treating yourself to something

During these challenging times it’s important you learn ho to manage your stress as much as possible. The current Covid challenge understandably brings stress, but there are many ways shown to help you manage stressful situations. Pain has been shown to be hyper-sensitised when someone is under stress. Therefore reducing stress can have a positive influence on physical pain and injury too!

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