How do you see yourself at 70+?

How do you picture someone in their 70’s?  

Person A – Hunched posture, struggling to get going, stiff and frail.  

Person B – Sprightly, positive, up for trying anything, living life to the full. 

Who would you prefer to be, person A or B?

Now forgetting the wrinkles who knows someone in their 30’s who groans and moves like a geriatric?!!! And geriatrics who could out pace many youngsters?

We can have some influence on our future health by our actions today. Just remember any movement is beneficial, even getting up from your desk regularly or going on a lunch time walk can help break your daily habits.  

With many people working from home it’s becoming even more important to take time away from your desk. Frequently we are finding, many home workers don’t do any exercise during the working week. Only last week a patient came in for Chiropractic treatment and said they did 300 steps yesterday, compared to their usual 10,000 step when working in the office. With little reason to leave the house during lockdown many people have been dramatically reducing their usual activity levels. If they haven’t scheduled a walk, run or online class nothing happens. Worse still many have been reporting working longer and becoming more stressed due to expectations to always be available. 

We recommend you look at your day to see if you are making the best choices for your body. Consider things like:

As Chiropractors we are here not only to provide hands on treatment to optimise recovery, but also to provide tips and advice on preventing reoccurring injury or deterioration of your complaint. Our ai is to work with you to achieve the best quality of life possible.

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Optimal recovering from injury is achieved not only through the hands on Chiropractic treatment we provide but also through the action our patient take. For those who take an active part in their recovery we tend to see my quicker and positive results.

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