Headaches (Cervicogenic)

A lot of people suffer from headaches and are unware that chiropractic treatment may help. Chiropractors can help with cervicogenic headaches (they originate from the neck area), and migraine prevention.

Chiropractors provide drug free, manual treatment techniques to help relieve tight neck muscles due to stress and tension in your neck, shoulders and back. Headaches resulting from trauma or imbalanced musculature are also known to respond well to headache treatment performed by Chiropractors.


Cervicogenic headaches

These headaches are commonly treated by chiropractors. Cervicogenic headaches originate from dysfunctional joints in the neck and imbalanced muscles in the head, neck and shoulders. Cervicogenic headaches usually present as a chronic, one sided headache in which pain originates in the cervical spine (neck) and refers into the head. They are usually felt in the back of the head referring over the sides of the skull and behind the eye (usually just one eye).

These headaches usually coincide with reduced neck movement and one sided shoulder and/or arm pain.

Typical migraine symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, photophobia (an aversion to bright light), and phonophobia (aversion to loud sounds) also occur in cervicogenic headache patients. Cervicogenic headaches often respond well to chiropractic treatment.