Hammersmith Chiropractor

Karen is also avaliabile for appointments at Octagon Chiropractic Clinic in west London (near Ravenscourt park). The quickest way to book an appointment here is to call 020 8563 2608 and ask for an appointment with Karen.

She is pleased to have joined the family focused chiropractic clinic which attracts a range of patients including pregnant women, paediatrics and children.

Hammersmith Chiropractor

Karen Habershon is a Hammersmith chiropractor, the clinic attracts a number of pregnant and paediatric patients. It is located between Chiswick + Hammersmith.


Hammersmith Chiropractor

2 St Peters Road



W6 9BD


020 8563 2608


Karen joined Octagon Chiropractic Clinic due to her interest in working with pregnant women, paediatrics and children. She has spent a lot of time developing her knowledge and skills in this area. Her experience working with professional athletes also brings a number of sports men and women to the chiropractic clinic. Click ‘meet us‘ to find out more about Karen.