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Give your body a Valentines treat this year

The question should be more ‘why wouldn’t you?’ Our bodies are incredible machines and need constant love and care. If your car makes a funny noise what would you do? Yes, most of us would pop it into a garage and ask the mechanic to check to see if there’s a problem. This lump of metal generally gets treated better than our bodies…. yet it can be replaced.

Time to take care of your body. Call your Moorgate Chiropractor on 0203 633 0565 to give your body the love and care it deserves this Valentines day.

Obviously, it’s important we service our cars regularly, even if we don’t have any immediate concerns, to ensure we are protected, as well as other road users. So why don’t we do this with our bodies?

Sometimes we groan and flinch in pain, sometimes we just struggle around suffering for days, weeks or even months. Yet without a fully functioning body, many of these things become miserable and difficult:

  • Driving your car

Yes, the one you so carefully care for and spend lots of money on to keep it safe and roadworthy.

  • Getting to work comfortably

The average London commute is one hour. That’s one hour squashed on a tube, carrying your laptop, walking in the rain and tolerating many other stressed passengers.

  • Focus at work

It’s almost impossible to concentrate properly when our brains are processing pain.

A report released by the BBC in November 2016 drew attention to the fact that the number of ‘extreme commuters’ was on the rise. These are referred to as people commuting in excess of two hours on a week day! Yikes!! This could mean that after a stressful 8-10 hour day sitting in one posture in the office, you are then static on your way home, a spine’s nightmare!

We were designed to move, but modern day life just doesn’t help many people in London achieve this as much as we should. Chiropractors are here to help you with certain mechanical problems of your body, as well as having a vital role in educating you on preventative measures you can put in place to make sure your body receives the love and care it deserves. What better time than to start than this Valentines day?

Book your appointment today with our Moorgate Chiropractor on 0203 633 0565 or email and show your body some love!