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OH MY! Look who’s just had a chiropractic treatment – Blog includes top DIY & Gardening tips too


The Easter weekend is a time to relax, catch up with friends and family or tackle those DIY projects around the house and garden (weather permitting). With the threat of the ‘Beast from the East’ returning once again, we’ve got some top tips for gardening or DIY whatever the weather.

Don’t make the mistake the Easter Bunny did this year! She was busy reaching for Easter eggs from her step ladder, when she slipped twisted her ankle and landed on her lower back. Don’t fear though she knew KH Chiropractic & Sports Massage Aldgate could help and popped in for treatment on her sprained ankle and lower back; confidently hoping off to fulfil her Easter duties, Phew!

Let’s prevent you getting into similar trouble this Easter. Here are a few tips to help you, if you choose to tackle those Gardening or DIY projects this Easter:-

  • Plan ahead, buy heavier items such as gravel or cement in smaller manageable bags so it’s easier and safer to carry. Use trollies and wheelbarrows to avoid heavy lifting.
  • Get larger items delivered and unloaded to avoid any unnecessary lifting especially awkwardly trying to get them in the boot of your car.


In the Sunshine………………


  • Wear comfortable and safe clothing that you can move about in freely and are unlikely to get caught.
  • Start with some lighter tasks to warm your body up first (as with any exercise).
  • If you have a big heavy job planned such as laying patio slabs, focus on how you are bending and lifting. Remember to bend your knees and hip hinge to protect your spine. Keep the weight as close to you as possible to minimise the forces on your body and give you the best position of strength.
  • Repetitive actions (particularly ones we haven’t done since last summer), can cause repetitive strain injuries. Do not spend longer than 20 minutes on any one thing and make sure you take regular breaks.
  • Don’t over stretch, get as close as possible to what you are working on or use suitable tools, such as long handled loppers.
  • Invest in a stable safe step ladder to minimise the chance of falling or over stretching. When using a step ladder make sure someone’s nearby in case of any mishaps (or at the very least keep your mobile on you!).


In the rain……………….

DIY (Do it yourself):-

  • Using a ladder or steps, always face it, keep your shoulders, hips and knees pointing in the same direction. This is good advice for most activities. It’s much better to move your feet than to twist.
  • Rather than leaning or reaching, use some steps and move them regularly to keep up with where you are. We are all tempted to ‘cut corners’, but this is usually where injuries happen.
  • Working low down, get down on the floor! Don’t lean over this will only strain your back and you will probably notice straightening back up is really uncomfortable.
  • Painting ceilings can create a lot of stress on the neck and shoulders. Aim to get as much paint on as quickly as possible to minimise the time you are reaching and looking up. A large roller with a long handle can help you to speed things up. Hold the handle at chest height. Keep your head as neutral as possible and keep facing forward so you don’t over exert your neck, again avoiding over reaching.
  • Should you have an mishaps this Easter and want to find out if chiropractic is suitable for you why not give KH Chiropractic & Sports Massage Aldgate a call and book a free 15 minute consultation to speak with one of our qualified chiropractors 0203 633 0565 or read more at