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I have been treated by multiple chiropractors over the last 14 years and would highly recommend KHChiropractic (Shoreditch chiropractor).
I received same day consultation and treatment.
The findings of the assessment and the treatment process were clearly explained and Karen immediately suggested ways to help prevent the injury from re-occurring. No questions regarding treatment or billing were unanswered.
Karen uses a variety of treatment techniques and is very thorough in each of them. She also demonstrates exercises/stretches to help recovery.
KHChiropratic have provided me with everything I have asked for.
5* for quality of treatment and customer service.

Dan – Aldgate Chiropractic Clinic

My regular chiropractor was unavailable due to illness so I hadn’t received treatment for 2 months and was in extreme pain.
I was reluctant to switch chiropractors but Karen took great care and time to understand my ailments and proceeded with a tailored course of treatment.
After the first visit I felt much better and was so impressed by her knowledge and service that I am now a regular at KH Chiropractic!

F P – Bank chiropractic

Karen hands2

Karen is a warm and friendly person and very knowledgeable, professional chiropractor. I went to see her myself and was so impressed that straight away I also referred my husband for a treatment as well.
Being a massage therapist myself, I have started recommending Karen to my clients, who might benefit from her expertise. I am very happy to have found her!

Joanna – Aldgate Chiropractic Clinic


Very experienced and wonderful Chiropractor. She can always touch and tell me which muscles are tensed and where my pain is before I tell her. Helps with different exercises to do at home and it has helped me a lot as I had back pain over several years. Never I could get appointments for Physio through NHS. Its really helped me to visit Karen. She always gives extra time than what she charges. Lovely person to speak to. Definitely recommend. Farheen Sultana.

Farheen – Aldgate Chiropractic Clinic


I came to Karen after throwing my lower back out. I initially went to A&E via an ambulance as i could hardly walk and they gave me a series of pills and sent me home. After 5 days of no real progress I found Karen, after 2 sessions and a few days of exercises I was 90% better and able to walk properly again, and after a couple more sessions I was back to normal. Not only is Karen a good Chiropractor who was able to diagnose my back problem straight away and then set about fixing it, she also gave me valuable advice and an exercise routine to help me avoid having the same issues in the future. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who is experiencing back issues.

Paul – Liverpool Street Chiropractic Clinic


My regular chiropractor was unavailable due to illness so I hadn’t received treatment for 2 months and was in extreme pain.

I was reluctant to switch chiropractors but Karen took great care and time to understand my ailments and proceeded with a tailored course of treatment.

After the first visit I felt much better and was so impressed by her knowledge and service that I am now a regular at KH Chiropractic !

F – Liverpool Street Chiropractic Clinic


I’d been having problems with my hip and hamstring for years and decided to see Karen during an acute period where it stopped me from running (and sleeping!). Karen was my choice because of the positive reviews I read and they weren’t wrong!

From the moment I walked through the door Karen was brilliant, she made me feel really comfortable and relaxed. She took time in the first session to understand my history and was very thorough in her analysis. After the very first session I immediately felt relief and for the first night in ages I had a pain free sleep.

Karen provided guidance on what I needed to avoid and also do in order for my condition to get better. Every week we would review the current status and Karen would make sure that the treatment she gave reflected that. Gradually over the following sessions where she treated me it got better and I am now able to run without pain again.

I would not hesitate to recommend Karen, she is really brilliant at what she does. She’s very professional, logical and knowledgable and I felt really confident and safe in her hands.

She’s also a lot of fun and will put you totally at ease!

Louise – Aldgate Chiropractic Clinic


Karen is a great Chiropractioner, I visited Karen twice when I was in extreme discomfort and her treatment was superb.

Shaun – Aldgate Chiropractic Clinic


I have had back pain since I can remember. But early this year the it has become unbearable with the pain radiating to my legs. It became worse due to difficult child birth, poor carrying technique and moving to a new flat which lacks elevator hence going up and down carrying the baby and heavy shopping bags. I was unable to get out of bed which disrupted my family life. I decided to do something about it and in my tiring search of a female chiropractor I finally found Karen who has been my life saver. I was amazed my how quickly she booked the appointment adjusting her busy schedule every time to fit in with my time and my convenience. I experienced immediate relief and continued with the treatment at least two times a week. Karen is great at her work. She is kind, patient and understanding. I have learnt a lot concerning my back problem and with exercises she has shown me which I could do it at the comfort of my home I have never felt better. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor.

Fatuma – Liverpool Street Chiropractic Clinic


Hi Karen, thank you so much fixing my back. I couldn’t recommend you more and appreciate your thorough and effective approach very much. It seems as if your expertise goes beyond classical chiropractic, which helps to remove the problem not only for the short term but also going forward.

Tobias – Aldgate Chiropractic Clinic


I have seen many chiropractors over the last 20 years and I would say she is the best that I have ever seen! I have seen Karen twice now and she has really helped me with the problems that I have. Felt better straight away after the first treatment. Karen is a nice person and very professional in her work. She spent a long time in treating me and worked hard in trying to resolve my pain issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of this kind of treatment.

Paul – Liverpool Street Chiropractic Clinic


Karen at KH Chiropractic has been a lifesaver for me! When I first arrived, I was in extreme discomfort and pain. Within the first session, I saw great improvement, for the first time in ages I could literally bound up stairs rather than walking like a cripple as I had done for so many months.
Karen is very professional and I felt so comfortable whilst she was treating me.

Sonia – Liverpool Street Chiropractic Clinic


‘The day I met Karen, I had received a letter from my doctor telling me that an MRI had confirmed I had a serious slipped disc and that the best option would be surgery. I was frequently in pain and having to wear a brace to support my back most days. I was pretty convinced that surgery was the only option left and, to be honest, a little cynical that chiropractic would be able to do anything for me. How wrong I was. To say that Karen has changed my life is no overstatement. Within a week she had me out of my back brace. And within a few more sessions she had me out of pain completely. She is, quite simply, brilliant at what she does. She took time to listen to every detail of my complaint and to understand all of my very non-technical descriptions of what had been going on. As a result she has not only dealt with my immediate pain, but worked to help me re-strengthen my back to reduce the chance of future flare-ups. She is patient, attentive, compassionate, bright and an incredibly skilled chiropractor. It has been several months since I first met Karen and I’m pleased to say I’m still pain free – without surgery. I cannot recommend her enough’

Rachel – Bank chiropractic


‘I had been everywhere to get someone to help me with my back. I went with my brother to see Karen as a last resort after being turned away from A&E three times. I even called the ambulance twice; the paramedics told me it was just a muscle spasm so they administered morphine and told me to stay at home, but nothing touched the pain. I returned to the walk in centre two more times just to be told to go home. I couldn’t even move my leg properly the last time I visited the Walk-in-clinic. As a last resort I booked an emergency appointment with Karen. She saw me very quickly and following a thorough examination she informed me of the possible diagnosis which needed confirmation via MRI.

Even though I saw her at 7pm on a Friday evening she wrote me a letter to take to hospital immediately. I was so fed up with the UK system by then that I decided to fly home to Hungary for the MRI.

The MRI revealed a life threatening spinal cord infection which had spread the full length of my spine. I was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks. If Karen hadn’t insisted the importance of getting some further imaging done who knows how this could have ended!’

Andreas – Liverpool Street Chiropractic Clinic


‘Karen is an experienced and proficient chiropractor who achieves excellent results. I first saw Karen when experiencing acute lower back and neck pain. She was meticulous in investigating the cause of the problem and was brilliant at both alleviating immediate symptoms and explaining preventative measures. Unlike some chiropractors, Karen goes that extra mile to help you and genuinely cares about her patients.’

Rachid – Bank chiropractic


Karen is a detail-focused chiropractor who approaches diagnoses with a keen ear and a curious disposition. Her interpersonal skills are excellent, to the point that you feel that she actually cares about your issues. Her knowledge of her domain is exemplary as she managed to pinpoint my exact pain points. She is professional and very amicable.

Faraz – Liverpool Street Chiropractic Clinic


‘I was recently diagnosed as having a trapped nerve in my left upper arm, for which the specialist told me that little could be done. I went to Karen Habershon who succeeded in not only pinpointed precisely what was wrong, but also where, which the specialist had signally failed to do. She then set to work and solved the problem in only two sessions. If you have a problem, go to her. She knows what she is doing.’

Savill – Bank chiropractic


‘Ever since I first met Karen in 2010, I have been more than impressed with her skills and dedication to her job. I would recommend Karen 110%, she has the ability to diagnose and articulate treatment requirements in an clear yet non- patronizing way. Karen is without doubt, incredibly talented and whatsmore, she will always put you first. Your needs are her priority and she constantly goes above and beyond her call of duty.’

Ryan – Bank chiropractic


‘Karen treated my wife for a shoulder problem. We were both immediately struck by her cheerful and good natured disposition, and this has remained the case.
 After an extended initial assessment Karen’s diagnosis was confirmed by an ultrasound scan. Her treatment of Mrs Copp was kind, sympathetic and effective. At no time did Mrs Copp have the slightest reserve or hesitation in seeing Karen for the next appointment, and we would both be happy to recommend her.’

Dr Martin – Bank chiropractic


‘Being in farming all my life, I became increasingly aware of a problem with my shoulder, so I went along to see Karen. A little nervous at first, I was soon put at ease by Karen’s professional approach. She diagnosed my problem and arranged for me to have an x ray which proved her to be correct. After a number of treatments I am now fully recovered. Obviously, in my job I have to be fully fit, so I have no hesitation in saying that Karen’s knowledge and her ability to apply that knowledge in a very professional way is second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.’

Christopher – Bank chiropractic


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