‘Do I have to live with this pain forever?’ – Never suffer in silence

People often book in after a friend or colleague has recommended KH Chiropractic. They may have been to multiple practitioners and become frustrated asking ‘Do I have to live with this pain forever?’. Sometimes it’s shocking what people feel they have to ‘live with’, when their complaint can be successfully treated or managed, to improve their quality of life. At KH Chiropractic we work with people to establish a diagnosis and ensure they get the care they need. Although our main interest is back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal pain we also help guide people to the correct practitioner so they get the help they need. A Chiropractors extensive training gives them a vast knowledge to establish who is the best specialist to refer the patient to, such as a neurologist, gynaecologist, orthopaedic surgeon etc. It’s about getting people the correct care as quickly as possible.

Sometimes people have suffered for months or even years with pain which could have responded positively to Chiropractic care. Like anything when you have the knowledge and skills to fix it, life’s so much easier. But, when you don’t know who to turn to, or come across the wrong healthcare professional, you can quickly become lost, and give up hope. Questioning:

‘Do I have to live with this forever?’ 

This can lead to a cascade of secondary feelings making the overall experience ten times worse! 

So much rides on you finding the right practitioner. That practitioner may not even treat you but direct you towards the correct person to deal with your complaint, which is worth its weight in gold if you otherwise spend ages pursuing the wrong treatment and throwing money in at the wrong treatment.

Recently I personally witnessed this with a family member. Even though his condition was being managed by a very capable GP who referred him onto a specialist, he was passed from pillar to post and sent home with anti-depressants. Unfortunately, no one physically palpated (touched) him since this all started 6 months ago. If they had I’m confident they would have been able to help him a lot sooner! 

He’s been working full time in a physically demanding job, will sleeping 30minutes to 3hours per night. The frustration’s clearly taken over as not only has sleep been an issue, but his mood has plummeted and ability to concentrate seems non-existent. 

Lockdown has certainly been a restriction over the past 2-3months, but since the easing of restrictions and me being able to see urgent cases I’ve been able to physically assess him. Within seconds of touching him I discovered a lump in the problematic area. After reporting into the GP once again he’s been referred for an urgent scan. This is important to establish what the lump is and the best treatment course for him. 

In addition, I have recommended some changes to his current sleep routine in the hope he gets some sleep at the very least. When people aren’t getting to sleep issues often appear 10x worse. A huge amount of healing takes place at night, when your body isn’t diverting resources to brain function and physical movement, so rest is vital for any recovery.

What changes did we introduce to help him relax better at night?

I can tell you now that within 2 days he was sleeping through the night again. I have to be honest and tell you I’m not sure which of these helped, or if there’s a link to him knowing the scans in the calendar. That doesn’t matter the good thing is he’s getting some sleep. Now we can start to tackle what lies ahead for him to get the correct care and management he needs.  

Never suffer in silence!

We’ve realised our patients need more help with pain solutions. Sometimes people have been suffering for months or years, almost giving up hope. They often ask ‘Do I have to live with this pain forever?’. Sometimes different treatments have not been disclosed and people miss out on finding the correct practitioner. We work with our patients to find the solution to their pain even if they require referring onto another practitioner. Our interest is our patients gaining the care they need.

If you would like more help with your pain why not book in with one of our fully registered and qualified Chiropractors.

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